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Review of the Top 10 Best ASPNET CMS for ASP.NET Developers

April 7 2013 0


Top 10 Best ASPNET CMS for ASP.NET Developers

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Unlike web developers on LAMP stack, ASP.NET web developers don’t have a wide array of options when it comes to solid Content Management Systems developed on the .NET platform. Below, we’ve outlined the top aspnet CMS solutions that are well tested, proven and designed to meet every need of your CMS requirement for ASP.NET websites.

  • DotNetNuke

    The best known of the aspnet CMS family, DNN is known for its flexibility. There are multiple versions of DNN, allowing complete flexibility in your design. DNN comes in a premium version with a full set of features, but there’s also a free open source offering that should suit anyone’s needs.

  • Umbraco

    Umbraco has huge community support, built up over 10 years of existence as an aspnet CMS. It’s open source so you’ll be able to install it at no cost, Umbraco is coded in C# with support for several databases and offers exceptional template development tools.

  • mojoPortal

    Although mojoPortal has a reputation for being easy to use, it’s actually one of the most powerful aspnet CMS solutions available with massive scalability and a solid core. The base install of mojoPortal is free and an active community of developers have created a huge range of premium modules. Great for the medium-level site that hopes to grow.

  • Kentico

    The free version of this aspnet CMS requires your site to display the Kentico logo, but the premium version removes the ads and offers you extra functionality. This is a great CMS for beginners, with great support for social sharing and ecommerce.

  • Sitefinity

    Sitefinity is free for personal use with scalable pricing options for commercial enterprises. It is a professional CMS and is used by several government websites, as well as by Coca-Cola, Toyota and IKEA.

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  • N2 CMS

    N2 is perfect for users who are looking for something like WordPress. Completely open source, it’s got a WordPress-like marketplace for widgets that can transform your blog without requiring any coding.

  • Atomic CMS

    Another free open source system, Atomic CMS is light and easy to set up, with an excellent administrative UI, allowing you to create or customize skins for your site with ease. It’s also built with SEO in mind, with several built-in features that will help to improve your search rankings.

  • MonoX

    MonoX is an aspnet CMS that’s completely free for personal and commercial use, as long as your site displays the link to the MonoX website. Once installed, you’ll find a robust, easy-to-use CMS that’s specially optimized for social sharing. A great system for site owners looking to build a community.

  • Composite C1

    Originally this was released as a commercial CMS for corporate websites. It’s now licensed under the Mozilla license but it’s just as powerful. This is not one for the faint-hearted; it’s aimed squarely at serious developers who want to build a truly complex site.

  • Orchard Project

    This is Microsoft’s venture into the world of open source development. While it lacks some of the features of other CMSs, it’s being built up by a very enthusiastic community who are supported by a team of professional developers from Microsoft. Playing around with the code for Orchard could be a way for you to become part of that community.

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