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Notice: Critical Server Maintenance @ 3AM-5AM CST on April 24th 2013 and April 25th 2013

We’ve received an URGENT notification from Parallels (our Plesk control panel provider) about vulnerability in MailEnable mail software which is present in all versions we use on our Windows Server hosting infrastructure. (Note URL:
April 24 2013 0

How to host Java application with ease on Tomcat Application Server

So, you’ve decided to look at Java hosting services that allow you to host Java application and you’re ready to start experimenting. That’s great if you’re a pro developer and, if you’ve decided to let
April 23 2013 0

How to host Java Website : A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re considering turning to a Java hosting solution, you’re probably wondering how to host Java website. It’s not difficult to do this and you’ve got a few basic options, but choosing the right option
April 23 2013 0

Tomcat MySQL Hosting – Expert Java/JSP/Servlet Web Hosting Server

Although there are some great Tomcat MySQL hosting packages out there the Internet, there’s still sometimes a little bit of confusion and nervousness about mixing the two. Doesn’t MySQL only work with Apache? That’s a
April 16 2013 0

Java Hosting Providers – Simple checklist to use when comparing them

When you’re browsing java hosting providers, you may just find yourself drawn to the cheapest. That’s not a bad thing; cheap java hosting providers can be just as good as the expensive ones. But it’s
April 14 2013 0

Unlimited Java Hosting – The Best Tomcat Java JSP Web Hosting Service

Although there are a range of hosting options and technologies available, the fact is that Java remains the choice of professionals for building beefy websites. Java is robust, secure and immensely fast. Smaller users have
April 14 2013 0

Coldfusion Website Hosting – Unleash Your Productivity

ColdFusion website hosting is a simple way to design your website with maximum customization and simplified management capabilities. There are so many great features of Adobe ColdFusion that make it the superior selection over PHP,
April 13 2013 0

The Best ColdFusion 9 Hosting Server on the Internet by

Are you looking for the most professional and affordable ColdFusion 9 hosting? You’ve heard what ColdFusion has to offer and now you are here and eager to try things for yourself? Well search no more!
April 13 2013 0

Notice: Scheduled Server Maintenance @ 5:00 AM EST on 04/13/2013

CentOS team recently prepared and released new versions of CentOS with number of fixes and improvements. New versions are 5.9 and 6.4. We have older versions installed on some of our Linux servers. We are
April 12 2013 0

Expert Windows Server Web Hosting w/ SQL Server | ASP.NET | IIS | MVC

When choosing hosting for your site you will have a range of hosting options to choose from. At the forefront of your mind, however, will be the need to ensure that the hosting provider is
April 9 2013 0