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  • Is there any set up fee?

    No. There are not set up fees on any of our custom web design plans.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time.

  • How long are your contracts?

    Our web design service is subscription based – this means you pay the stipulated fee for the plan you’re subscribed to in semi-annual (6-months), annual (1-year), biennial (2-years) or triennial (3-years) billing cycles.

    As long as your subscription is active, we’ll contain to host, maintain and update your website in accordance with your subscription plan.

    Best of all, you can cancel at anytime.

  • Are there any cancellation fees?

    No, there are no cancellation fees. However, if you want to get the website files – there’s a one-time website retrieval fee. Please see below. If you don’t need your website files – there is no fee whatsoever.

  • If I cancel, can I get my website files?

    Yes, you can get your website files if you cancel.

    – If you cancel within 1 year of active subscription, there’s a one-time website retrieval fee of $750.00 if you want to get your website files.

    – If you cancel after 1 year of active subscription but within 2 years of active subscription, there’s a one-time website retrieval fee of $500 to get your website files.

    As you can understand, this website retrieval fee is to adjust for the time and effort we’ve put in to design a professional website for you. Our business model is based on you being successful online and satisfied with our services. Business owners pay thousands of dollars upfront to get their website designed but we don’t charge thousands of dollars upfront.

  • Are there any discounts for advanced pre-payment?

    Yes, we offer 5% discount for yearly pre-payment, 10% discount for 2-years pre-payment and 15% discount for 3-years pre-payment.

  • Do I need have a web hosting account?

    No, the subscription fee includes FREE web hosting!

  • How can I make changes and updates to my website?

    Yes, you can request content changes and update by opening a support ticket online. Our design team will confirm your changes and get the update done within 24-48 hours.

  • How fast can I get my website up and running?

    Our designers are experts, very good at what they do and very fast. On average, it can take 2-6 weeks to get your website live! It depends on how fast you communicate with us and provide requested information.