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2019’s Best WordPress Plugins for WP Sites & Blogs

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system (CMS) on planet earth! Over 75 million websites and blogs depend on this amazing software to dish out useful content to billions of users worldwide! Furthermore, plugins are an important part of the WordPress ecosystem. In fact, at last count there were over 53,000 […]

Best PHP Frameworks for Expert PHP Web Developers in 2019

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular web development and server-side scripting language in the word and has held this position for over a decade. As such, there are many PHP frameworks out there and we’ll go through the best PHP frameworks for 2018 in this write up. Now, PHP’s wide adoption and […]

The 10 Best Java Web Frameworks for 2019

There are several Java Web Frameworks available for Java web developers. In this article, we’re going to review the 10 best Java Web Frameworks for 2019. But first, let’s define a web application framework. A web application framework (WAF) or web framework (WF) is a software framework. It is essential for the development of different […]

Bootstrap vs WordPress – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know!

So you’re ready to start developing your website, but you don’t know where to start. If you’re here, you’re probably a beginner. Good news! You don’t have to know everything about web development to build a basic, beautiful web page. Two options for building are Bootstrap and WordPress. If you aren’t sure which is the […]

.net vs .com – Which One Will Ever Rule The World?

Choosing a domain name could be difficult if your target domain name is already taken. The question is: Do you alter your domain name to get a .com address or do you switch to something else? One other option could be the .net extension if you’re determined to get your real domain name. If you […]

December 31 1969 – All You Need To Know About 12/31/1969 In 30 Secs.

Have you ever experienced the date on your digital device suddenly change to December 31 1969? On the other hand, if you’re a developer – let’s say web developer, have you faced an issue whereby a date data field that’s supposed to contain the current date suddenly starts showing 12/31/1969 instead of the current date […]

HTML vs CSS – Key Things You Must Know About CSS vs HTML

As you venture into the world of web programming and development, acronyms such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be a bit confusing initially. But once thing is certain, you’ll have to master a web development language. So between HTML and CSS, which one should you go for? What […]

Pros and Cons of WordPress – The Ultimate Guide To WordPress CMS

So you’re starting a website or blog, and you’ve heard WordPress is the place to go. While WordPress is an excellent place to start your site, it isn’t the only option. You should consider the pros and cons of WordPress before deciding officially if it’s the right platform for you to start. Let’s break it […]

.org vs .com – Everything You Need To Know In Less Than 60 Seconds!

Which domain name extension is more likely to gain your trust, .com or .org? That can be a tough question. While .com remains the legacy extension for most people, there’s something very trustworthy about a .org. If you aren’t sure which extension to choose for your new site, we’ve got an answer in our .org […]

Magento vs WooCommerce – 6 Essential Things You Must Know!

You’ve got things to sell. You’ve got the wide world of the Internet. So how do you get your products online and get people to see them? You need an e-commerce system. Two of them, Magento vs WooCommerce, could offer you the chance to get your products out there, but which do you choose? Let’s […]