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Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel starting @ $1.95/month

Looking for an economy Linux Hosting with cPanel from a reliable web hosting provider? How does $37.38 flat fee for 1 full year sound? Will $59.25 flat fee for 2 years suffice? Or better yet,
April 6 2018 0

The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Websites and Blogs

The SEO process is so competitive nowadays with millions of websites competing for the first page appreance on search engine results. As such WordPress website operators are constantly searching for the best SEO plugin for
March 28 2018 0

JBoss vs Tomcat – What’s the Difference? Which Server is Right for You?

There seems to be some confusion between JBoss vs Tomcat servers. Some would argue that Tomcat is an application server. While some will counter that it’s merely nothing but a Servlet container. If you browse
March 27 2018 0

Best WordPress Security Plugin: Wordfence, Sucuri, VaultPress, etc ?

Security is critical to the modern day Internet website operator. Equally important is the case when it comes to securing and protecting WordPress sites. With so many Government regulations affecting the terms and conditions by
March 26 2018 0

Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugin for WP User Submitted Events

We recently got an inquiry from a customer looking for the best WordPress event calendar plugin that allows for WordPress user submitted events. Subsequently, after some research we made some recommendations to her and decided
March 26 2018 0

Laravel vs Symfony 2018: A Comparison of 2 Popular PHP Frameworks

In this piece, we’re doing to discuss Laravel vs Symfony – two prominent web application development frameworks available to PHP developers. In fact, numerous reports have shown that Laravel and Symfony are among the top
March 26 2018 0

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs: 7 Must-Have WP Plugins for Bloggers

In today’s era of technology using “WordPress as a Blogging Platform”, there is the need to identify the best WordPress plugins for Blogs. Of course, WordPress provide a platform for making your blog(s) fully optimized
March 24 2018 0

Vaadin Framework: 5 Important Things To Know About Vaadin 10

Vaadin Framework is an easy-to-use open-source Java web development framework for rapidly developing rich Internet web applications. Additionally, it empowers Java web developers to develop modern web applications that are visually appealing, perform well and
March 24 2018 0

WordPress Custom Post Type: Performance Considerations & Implications

In addition to the normal post type which we all are conversant with, most are familiar with WordPress custom post type. One question we often see with regards to WordPress custom post type borders around
March 14 2018 0

GlassFish vs Tomcat – What’s the Difference between Tomcat & GlassFish?

So GlassFish vs Tomcat, which one is it? First, what if we told you that approximately 63.9% of Java application server installations is Tomcat? Before you give us a speech on how Tomcat is not
March 13 2018 0