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Apache Tomcat Web Hosting for Sustainable Java Web Applications

There are several web hosting options available to every Java web developer, and Apache Tomcat Web Hosting is one of them. In this brief article, we’ll discuss Tomcat Hosting Options, Apache Tomcat, the Apache Software Foundation, and the benefits of using Apache Tomcat for web hosting your Java Application.

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What Is Apache Tomcat?

Some will argue that Tomcat is a web server. And some will call it an Application Server. However, Tomcat is a web server as well as a Servlet container.

When used to host a Java web application on the Internet, it’s then playing the role of an Application Server. However, make no mistake about it, Tomcat is not a full Application Server because it does not support the entire Java EE specifications. But if you’re looking for Tomcat Web Hosting for a Java web application that does not require all full features of Java EE then Tomcat will be an ideal choice.

Background Information on Apache Software Foundation

But who created Tomcat and for what purposes? Notably, Tomcat was designed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). And the ASF is a non-profit organization formed to promote open-source software initiates. The ASF has a full list of software stacks, and Tomcat is just one of them.

Furthermore, Tomcat is used for hosting Java Servlets and JSP based Java web application. Besides, it’s light-weight and easy to use. Also, it can serve as an HTTP Server delivering both Java Servlets and JSP website over HTTP.

Apache Tomcat Web Hosting Benefits

Using Apache Tomcat web hosting for our Java web application provides you with many benefits across a broad spectrum.

Among the top 5 benefits you’re bound to experience with Apache Tomcat, web hosting are Security, Flexibility, Open Source, Stability, and Lightweight. Visit here for more in-depth discussion on Apache Tomcat web hosting.

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When considering a suitable web hosting server to use in serving your Java web application on the Internet, Apache Tomcat Web Hosting is a definite contender. There are several Tomcat hosting options available to you including Private Tomcat and Shared Tomcat hosting.

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