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Hosting MVC Application in IIS 7 : A Simple Guide for Quick Deployment

April 27 2013 0

hosting mvc application in iis 7

So you’ve successfully created your first MVC application on your laptop or personal computer and it’s awesomely working great at the local host environment. Good job! Just one more thing – it’s time to port the to a live remote web server and there comes the second challenge – getting it to work!

hosting mvc application in iis 7

You see, the main thing is that your local computer (be it PC, Labtop, whatever) is configured exactly as you want it to be. On the other hand, on a shared remote server, you may not get this flexibility given that it’s a shared environment. Alternatively, if you’ve got the budget to get your very own dedicated server or spend more $ on virtualized cloud resources – fine. But that comes with it’s own overhead that we won’t dive into here.

So with regards to the challenge of hosting MVC application in IIS 7 at a remote live server where you don’t have root access, we’ve provided you with some useful links that will assist you in this question. Most especially, if you’re a current customer of or considering getting one of our MVC hosting plans for hosting MVC application in IIS 7.0, you can be rest assured that our MVC hosting experts are available 24/7/365 to assist you with deploying your MVC application.

Below are some of the resources we’ve compiled for you, hope you find them useful. :

The above resources are just a tip of the iceberg. There are so much resources out there on the open Internet and you can always reach out to MVC support team at to assist you with hosting mvc application in iis 7 on any of our MVC hosting plans.

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