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ASPNET CMS Open Source: Looking for a Good OpenSource CMS for ASP.NET?

April 2 2013 0

aspnet cms open source

Note: All of our Hosting plans support any of the open source CMS platforms discussed below and many more.

Developers love to argue about whether is better than the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) model. Like a lot of tech debates, it’s a waste of time. The question is not which one is better, but which one is better suited to the needs of your particular project.

If you’re looking to use a Content Management System to build your site, chances are that you’ve been thinking of going for LAMP hosting because of open source CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. You may not even realize that, yes, it is possible to get hold of a CMS built on (aspnet cms open source) platform, and that many of these individual solutions can offer you much more than their LAMP competitors.

The most popular open source CMS is probably DotNetNuke. DotNetNuke is supported by a huge community with a thriving DNN module marketplace supplying an array of modules, both open source and professionally designed, allowing you to customize the CMS install to fit your precise needs.

DotNetNuke has the same kind of flexibility and functionality as Drupal, but it’s generally recognized as having a more stable core build and is a much less complicated architecture than the messy core of Drupal 7. It’s great for beginners and more advanced developers who’d like to build their own modules on top of a stable CMS architecture.

aspnet cms open source

There is a premium edition of DotNetNuke available, as is there for Umbraco, another popular open source CMS software. Umbraco’s killer feature is its integration with Microsoft Word, allowing you to do offline development within the popular word processor package. Umbraco is very much aimed at mid- to expert-level developers who want complete control over the look and feel of the site; the original installation is completely clean and you build up the entire site yourself.

Maybe Umbraco is a little too complex and you’d like an open source CMS that’s more like WordPress. N2 CMS is a nice, light open source CMS with customizable templates that’s intended to have the same plug’n’play appeal as WordPress.

That’s just a flavor of what’s out there. There are a huge range of other open source CMS packages (aspnet cms open source) available right now, including mojoPortal, Composite C1, Sitefinity and Kentico. Even Microsoft have gone open source, with their own open source CMS called Orchard Project.

All of our Hosting plans support any of the open source CMS platforms discussed and many more. Click here to view our CMS Hosting packages. Whether you go for (i.e. aspnet cms open source) or LAMP can come down to one of a number of factors. But if you’re going LAMP just because you think that CMS’es are not open source, then think again.

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