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How to Get Quality ASPnet MVC 4 Hosting for Cheap

April 4 2013 0

aspnet mvc 4 hosting

You might find the concept of aspnet mvc 4 hosting a little intimidating, especially if you’ve come from a LAMP development background. Perhaps you have got some experience in Microsoft’s development but only on local installs, and you’re not quite sure how it works in terms of remote hosting on a third party web server infrastructure.

Well, the good news is that it’s actually not as complicated as it might sound. MVC, if you don’t know, is an implementation of the model-view-controller structure in a flexible framework that allows ASP .NET developers to control their HTML output in a detail that’s almost impossible with other structures. It’s currently at version 4, so you should start by searching for aspnet mvc 4 hosting through your favorite search.

The framework can be deployed multiple times on each server. That is to say: if you’re hosting multiple domains with a Windows ASP hosting company, you can set up separate instances of MVC for each one, if your aspnet mvc 4 hosting provider allows this. Often this feature is restricted to premium hosting packages, so be sure to inspect the fine print before signing up with the web host.

aspnet mvc 4 hosting

Once you’re set up, you can develop your aspnet applications within Visual Studio and use the features of MVC 4 to improve performance. It’s not hard to pick this up: if you already use Web Forms then you should not have any trouble picking up MVC 4.

One of the things developers really love about MVC 4 is the true modularity it provides. By inherently separating the model, view and controller layers of your application, you will find yourself in a position to perform unit and module testing in way that’s unthinkable in many development platforms. Furthermore, If you’re coming to ASP .net from a LAMP background, you’ll be amazed at how much easier this can make your life.

MVC 4 is a framework that’s scalable, both in terms of performance and ease of management once the system has gone live. That’s why it’s the first choice of a lot of developer and major companies. You might think that this means that it’s only available to large companies or developers with a large budget.

It’s not. Aspnet mvc 4 hosting is available to everyone and, thanks to DailyRazor, you can now enjoy the benefits of professional-grade MVC 4 support for as little as $3.95 per month on any of our ASP.NET Windows Hosting plans.

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