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Cheap & Affordable MVC Hosting | ASP .NET | MS SQL Server | MVC 4

April 3 2013 0

cheap affordable mvc hosting provides a Web Forms framework that’s light, easy to use and suitable for most types of development, especially Intranet sites. But if you’re building a powerful site and expecting a lot of users from the broader Internet, you might want something a little more robust. That’s where ASP.NET MVC comes in and it’s why you should look for a cheap and affordable mvc hosting when considering a web host.

Microsoft’s MVC framework is an specification of the model-view-controller architecture used in most modern applications. MVC stratifies your applications into three separate layers:

  • MODEL: Reflects the inner state of your application; this is the layer that handles things such as database queries, etc.
  • VIEW: This is the user interface of your application, controlling what the end user sees in their browser.
  • CONTROLLER: This deals with user interactions, taking user input from the view and using it to update both the model and the view, depending on the functions associated with the input.

cheap affordable mvc hosting’s MVC implements this structure in a highly responsive framework that allows the kind of immense control and speed required by a truly professional website. It’s used by most big companies, but by searching for cheap and affordable mvc hosting online you can harness this power for your own site.

Using MVC allows you to take line-by-line control over your site’s HTML output, which is great when you’re trying to do something innovative, experimental, building a site where you need to deliver a high level of accessibility, personalization or simply where you require complete control over the UI and input handling. It’s also a much better framework for unit testing; if you have a complex site with multiple functions, MVC will allow you to separate the layers of your application and test each one in isolation.

This is a professional development tool, but you don’t need a corporate budget to benefit from it. DailyRazor provides cheap and affordable MVC hosting with all versions of the framework supported on all of our Hosting packages, and you can get to work immediately within Visual Studio, also supported by our packages.

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