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5 Things You Must Consider When Searching for the Best ASPNET Hosting

April 2 2013 0

best aspnet hosting

Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework is an immensely powerful solution for web developers looking to build fast, responsive websites, especially if your website requires a high-performing database behind it. Whether you’re building a personal site or looking to start a major eCommerce enterprise, ASP.NET will make your project possible, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you’ve signed up for the best aspnet hosting on the market.

There are five key points to consider when you’re looking for the Best ASPNET hosting packages:

best aspnet hosting

1) Framework Versions:
You’ll want access to the latest, fastest version of ASP.NET if you’re to build a truly modern site. But it can help to have access to older version too, especially if you’re looking to port over an existing site. For real flexibility when searching for the best aspnet hosting, look for a host that provides multiple versions of the framework.

2) Database Choice:
Having the right DB is critical to a successful ASP.NET web service. For maximum power, you’ll want MS SQL Server 2008 or 2005, but there are other DB services you might need too. If you have an existing MS Access database, you might be able to utilize that in your ASP.NET project, and having MySQL support will make it easier to port your projects from PHP or Ruby On Rails.

3) Robust Servers (with automated backups):
There’s no point in building your slick new site unless your ASP.NET hosting provider can guarantee you excellent up-time, lightning-fast infrastructure and a solid backup system to protect your work if something goes wrong. When searching for the best aspnet hosting offers, take some time to look at the infrastructure each provider is offering. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

4) Unlimited Bandwidth:
Even if your site looks great and the servers supporting it are powerful, you’re going to regret it if you don’t secure a package that offers sufficient bandwidth. If your site suddenly becomes hugely popular, you don’t want your account suspended or find yourself faced with a massive bill for the additional traffic. The best aspnet hosting deals should come with unlimited bandwidth as standard.

5) Excellent Customer Support:
Customer support is not a nice-to-have when it comes to ASP.NET hosting. You need a team behind you that will respond quickly and know their stuff. You never know when you need them to be on hand, either to help you with a query or to perform essential server maintenance, such as killing rogue processes. Make sure that you speak to your ASP.NET host before signing up; find out if they can offer you a professional level of support.

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