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Best JSP Servlet Hosting from the Top JSP/Servlet hosting provider

May 31 2013 0


Finding a professional and expert JSP Servlet hosting service is a hard nut to crack. Just doing a simple Google search for good JSP/Servlet hosting providers shows this reality. Most of the companies you’ll observe don’t even have the right information that specifically elaborates in details the parameters of their JSP Servlet hosting service offering. It’s worth noting that JSP Servlet hosting is not your average Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) stack hosting – it’s much more than that and more complex. is at the forefront of providing quality and reliable JSP Servlet hosting services and is second only to “NONE”!


Here are some of the key parameters to consider when purchasing a JSP/Servlet hosting package:

  • Java Container Type
    What type of Java Container is being offered to you? At, our JSP Servlet hosting packages come by default with Tomcat application server. And best of all, we can configure any Tomcat version of your choosing – just ask.
  • Java Virtual Memory Type
    Basically you’ve got two type of JVM options in the typical JSP/Servlet hosting setup. You got the Private JVM and Shared JVM. In the Private JVM configuration, you’re allocated with a dedicated JVM Heap size that is only available to your Java container (i.e. Tomcat app server). On the other hand, with the Shared JVM configuration, you’re allocated with a Shared JVM Heap size for the Tomcat app server. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Shared JVM also means Shared Tomcat. So you’re sharing the Tomcat application container as well as the JVM heap with other users on that instance.
  • Quality JSP Servlet hosting customer support
    First of all, please note – there’s “web hosting customer support” and there is “THE JSP Servlet hosting customer support”. The web hosting provider must have thorough expertise of supporting JSP/Servlet hosting applications. At we’ve been putting smiles on the faces of our JSP Servlet hosting customers for the past 13 years! And it’s our goal to put a smile on your face too with our superior support!
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  • Reliability, High-Availability & Security
    Lastly it’s very important that the JSP Servlet hosting servers you’re deploying your JSP/Servlet hosting application on is reliable. In doing so, it must be highly available with minimal downtime as well as hacker-proof security policy in place.

    However, it’s worth noting that there’s a catch 22 to the last point. You see, when it comes to Shared JVM/Shared Tomcat hosting – you cannot get high-availability or reliability 100% of the time. Why – it’s very simple. By it’s very nature, when you deploy a WAR file, Tomcat needs to be restarted. So imagine what happens on a Shared Tomcat server with customers deploying their WAR files and requesting Tomcat restart? So you see. This is why we highly recommend a Private Tomcat/Private JVM JSP Servlet hosting package if high availability and reliability is of great importance to your application’s objectives!

So now you’ve got facts – is second to none in the JSP/Servlet hosting place. View our JSP Servlet hosting offerings.

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