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Cheap Java Hosting Solutions by an expert Java web hosting provider

May 31 2013 0


To make your Java/J2EE web application available on the world wide wide you need a professional and reliable Java hosting package out of the various Java hosting solutions out there in the marketplace. Since you’ve chosen to develop and build your web app on the Java platform – you are among a select breed of hardcore developers out there simply because everything with Java is advanced level baby. It’s a much more straightforward and simple option to develop and deploy a PHP based web site – not Java. With java, you need to afford yourself the right Java hosting solutions.


With Java hosting solutions the first thing is a good and quality Java container. In this case, at we provide you with the most tested and trusted Tomcat application server. Yes, yes we know that others like Resin, Jetty, Weblogic, etc. exists – but any serious Java web developer knows that among all Java hosting solutions, Tomcat is the best Java container of choice. It’s tested, proven and widely supported by millions of hardcore developers around the world due to it’s open-source licensing model.

Now that we’ve given you Tomcat as the preferred Java container out of the numerous Java hosting solutions out there, we take it up a little notch. Most web hosting companies don’t know how to support Java web applications. That’s the simple truth. You see, there’s this thing called WHM/cPanel – it’s a control panel software and it by default comes bundled with Tomcat (you can’t even control the Tomcat version it comes with). So whenever a hosting company installs WHM/cPanel – they claim “yeah – we support Java hosting”. No they don’t. They are just like other Java hosting solutions out there that have installed WHM/cPanel but with no clue as to what Java hosting is all about. They properly haven’t seen a line of Java code.


At – we’ve manually designed and built a tested and truly reliable Java hosting platform that’s totally different from other Java hosting solutions out there. We give you the option to get a specific level of JVM Heap size (i.e. Java Virtual Machine). You also get your own dedicated Tomcat application server with the ability to Start/Stop it as you see fit as well as access to Tomcat Manager and Tomcat Admin. Best of all, we can configure any specific Tomcat version and JDK version of your choosing! Try asking those other Java hosting solutions providers to give you such capability and you’ll come to realize that’s there’s and then the rest!

So out of all the Java hosting solutions providers out there – who should you go with? Well, we’d like you to come on our platform but do encourage you to try others out first. So this way, when you come on our platform – you’ll get to appreciate the level of service we provide. We are second to none! Good luck!

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