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The Best ColdFusion 9 Hosting Server on the Internet by

April 13 2013 0

coldfusion 9 hosting

Are you looking for the most professional and affordable ColdFusion 9 hosting? You’ve heard what ColdFusion has to offer and now you are here and eager to try things for yourself? Well search no more! This is your final bus stop and you’re about to find out for yourself.

Essentially Adobe ColdFusion 9 helps to speed up the development cycle by lowering the business logic into only a few short lines of code. Several updates have happened since the upgrade from version 8. Just to name a few, you can now access your applications whether or not you have access to the Internet. The upgrade to 9 also includes the Adobe Air application to help you control and manage multiple servers from one central location. Also it’s bundled with the functionality to perform instance-based licensing and you can now install and run, develop and test any ColdFusion program much quicker.

If you are still using versions 7 or 8 of ColdFusion the benefits of upgrading to version ColdFusion 9 hosting are numerous. You of course get the improved performance and the upgrade on speed. Also upgrading to the new version gets you optional relational mapping and enhanced caching.

coldfusion 9 hosting

There are currently three different editions of of ColdFusion 9 that are available for purchase. The developer edition is a server for development purposes use only. Out of all three it is the cheapest and most basic edition. If you already have either version 7 or 8 of ColdFusion then you can do a simple upgrade to version 9 for the price of $649.00. The upgrade from that is the Standard edition and is essentially designed for small to medium based businesses. The price for this edition is $1299 for every two computers you have it used on. Finally the third edition is the Enterprise Edition. With this edition you can have multiple websites on more than one server if you desire so. However this is the most pricey at $7499 for every two computers.

But why spend so much on ColdFusion license when you can get ColdFusion 9 hosting for a little as $4.95/month? Yes, you read it right – our shared ColdFusion hosting architecture allows you to host multiple ColdFusion websites for just $4.95/month. You get all the full benefits of ColdFusion plus a reliable, high secure and fast server infrastructure by hosting with us! In addition, our ColdFusion support team is high experienced and available 24/7/365 to assist you with your ColdFusion 9 web application deployment. Try it out now today!

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