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Professional & Cheap ColdFusion Web Hosting by the CF Hosting Experts

April 9 2013 0

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Why isn’t every site built with ColdFusion? It’s fast, secure, has excellent database connectivity, and can create a stunning website with a fairly minimal amount of coding effort. 75% of Fortune 500 companies have used ColdFusion to develop their sites, so why isn’t every blog and hobby site set up using this remarkable web application development platform.

The answer is, basically, that ColdFusion is very, very expensive.

ColdFusion is an Adobe product and, like a lot of their software, a license can set you back an enormous amount of money. That’s why its popular with big companies, not so much with individual developers. But there is a solution. If you shop around, you can find great deals on ColdFusion Web Hosting where the licensing cost is built into your monthly subscription. Here at DailyRazor, we are the CF hosting experts for the shared hosting platform. For example, our ColdFusion web hosting packages start at a mere $4.95 per month.

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If you choose to go with ColdFusion, you’ll need to make yourself familiar with ColdFusion Markup Language, allowing you to build the ColdFusion Components that will drive your site. There is something of a learning curve to CFML, but once you’re familiar with it you will begin to find that your development time is a fraction of what it was previously. Those big, intensive projects suddenly become something very manageable. It’s an excellent technology for the lone entrepreneur looking to launch a web business.

ColdFusion also plays nicely with other languages as well, including ASP.NET, for which it offers full native support. Although ColdFusion is multi-platform, its roots are in Windows and it’s at its best when it’s running on a Windows web hosting package with SQL Server and IIS.

The DailyRazor ColdFusion web hosting deal offers that and more. Our support team are CF hosting experts and will be able to help you with any issues concerning setup or migration. We also support older versions of ColdFusion such as CF6, CF7 and CF8, so if you’re already familiar with the technology then you can port across your existing work.

ColdFusion could be the technology that makes your site look like a Fortune 500 company. Why not learn more about it, and see if a dependable, affordable ColdFusion web hosting package is right for you? Moreover, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee along with a 24/7/365 CF hosting support team!

We offers expert-level and cheap ColdFusion web hosting. Our CF hosting experts can support versions 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ColdFusion hosting for $4.95