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Really Cheap ColdFusion Hosting for CF 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 Web Hosting

April 9 2013 0

cheap coldfusion hosting

When looking for good, cheap ColdFusion hosting it pays to do thorough research. It is also important to have some understanding of the technology and features that are offered. Without knowledge you cannot make an informed decision.

For web hosting for your company’s site it is important that you choose a company that meets certain basic requirements. Reliability, efficiency, current technology, support and a variety of packages. Having a range of service packages ensures that you can change the hosting package you use as your business and web site requirements change over time.

If you require reliability, speed, customization opportunities, ease of use and high performance, then you are probably considering developing your website on the ColdFusion platform. And developing your website on CFML doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the expensive CF hosting solutions out there in the marketing. There are quite a number of professional, expert and cheap ColdFusion hosting providers such as us that can cater to your needs.

cheap coldfusion hosting

Some Key Cheap ColdFusion Hosting Features


Fast website set-up ensures you get your business online fast. It is also easy to use so that even the most inexperienced user can set up a site quickly.


If you are switching to ColdFusion hosting then your current site contents can be transferred quickly and easily.


A large range of templates provide a way to get an eye-catching site design without paying for a graphic designer. Customization is simple with templates so that adding logos or other branding will not be a cause for concern or delay.


If you already have an e-commerce site then transferring it to your new ColdFusion hosting can be accomplished with relative ease. Templates provided can be easily adapted for e-commerce speeding up the transfer and ensuring loss of revenue is minimized.

Another benefit of using ColdFusion for your e-commerce site is that you will not have to rebuild pages for each of the different items on your original site. Instead you can use the original database with the content. Using the template pages for your e-commerce store will also save storage space on the servers.


ColdFusion hosting offers fast and efficient performance. Search engines will love the fast loading times and it will help your site’s ranking.

Other Features of a Cheap ColdFusion Hosting Service

Technical Support:

This is a crucial factor for consideration when choosing a hosting service. A company that has excellent technical support will provide peace of mind and reassurance. Your chosen company should offer support that is real-time, and available 24/7. By having real-time, 24/7 support you will be able to contact them and, deal with any emergency as soon as it occurs. Their support team should also be knowledgeable about the technology and potential problems.

ColdFusion Versions:

As with all technology, ColdFusion is constantly evolving and being optimized and improved. A good hosting service will update the versions of ColdFusion that they offer as they are released and all security bugs fixed. In addition they will inform you of the changes and benefits of each version.

ColdFusion 9 is the current supported version (version 10 coming Summer 2013) and has been enhanced to include the following features:


The user is able to control memory caching in an application. This includes control of the cache size and location as well as length of timeouts. Instead of writing to hard disk, ColdFusion 9 allows files created by it to be created in, as well as executed from RAM. These changes have sped up execution times of processes.

Integration with Microsoft Office:

Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can now feed data into ColdFusion applications. Data conversion between file types has also been enhanced to include PDF, Open Office and Apache libraries.

Object Relational Mapping:

“ORM” has been introduced to speed up the development process by ensuring that users do not have to enter lines of code manually. Instead they can use objects that have already been created and assigned defined functions; similar to methods used in Object-Oriented programming.


good hosting services offer a range of packages, with increasing ranges of features and benefits. Make sure that you check each package and, if necessary, discuss your requirements with a customer support representative to ensure that you get the most appropriate one for your current needs. Your chosen package should also allow for immediate business growth. Cheap ColdFusion hosting does not mean that you sacrifice quality for cost if you make sure that you research correctly.


reliable hosting providers will publicize the up-time of their servers. The best providers will have an up-time of 99.9% at a minimum.

cheap coldfusion hosting

We offer an excellent range and variety of professional and cheap ColdFusion hosting package. Do not spend a dime more for something you can get for less! Visit here to review our ColdFusion hosting plans now.