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April 9 2013 0

coldfusion 8 hosting

ColdFusion is an Adobe Systems Incorporated product and it’s widely considered as a complete web application server which is perfect for hosting basic websites and for developing and delivering scalable e-commerce applications with advanced data integration. Most of the organizations that have embraced ColdFusion technology are small to large e-commerce enterprises although there are some advanced personal uses available.

With all the new robust features that are perfect for enterprise IT environments, and with improved scalability and enhanced performance, ColdFusion 8 hosting is a must-have for software and website developers.

Although ColdFusion is currently at version 10 which was released in 2012 – version 8 is still widely used by developers around the world and this informs our support for it. Our ColdFusion 8 Hosting solutions is your best choice a reliable CF hosting. We are one of the most well-known leaders in the ColdFusion web hosting space and our ColdFusion 8 hosting plans were created with developers in mind.

coldfusion 8 hosting

ColdFusion 8 hosting presents the following added value as compared to it’s version 7 predecessor:

Improved server speed – Every ColdFusion application tested by our support engineers runs smoother and faster on ColdFusion 8 hosting. In fact, most applications experienced a 30-40% performance gain while others improved performance by 3 to 4 times that of CFMX 7 and older versions.

Simple .NET integration – One of the biggest improvements in ColdFusion 8 is it will allow you to specify any .NET object whether it’s local or remote, and use it in an application. It works better than most Java object resources because it’s easier to setup and even easier to troubleshoot coding issues.

Intelligent flash based presentation builder – You can create professional flash-based presentations almost on the fly. It’s as easy as combining audio, images, flash movies, HTML and CFCharts and wrapping it on your existing pages.

Enhanced and improved PDF features – ColdFusion 8 applications can dynamically generate and interact with PDF documents and forms for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information across platforms.

Works with existing Ajax applications – ColdFusion 8 hosting can quickly and easily provide information and data to your existing Ajax framework and applications. You can use simple tags to quickly access an incredibly large library of pre-built Ajax user interface components such as tab navigators, rich text editors, tree controls and data grids, to name a few.

Atom and RSS feeds – ColdFusion version 8 introduces a new CFFEED tag that intelligently reads and then creates Atom and RSS feeds in the most common formats. With this feature you can easily create complex content syndication applications on the fly.

JAR and Zip file features – If you work with archived files, you’ll enjoy the two new ColdFusion 8 tags CFZIP and CFZIPPARAM. These tags allow you to manipulate JAR and Zip files to work seamlessly with file archives.

Database interaction improvements – ColdFusion 8 provides an expanded database driver support that includes options for Sybase ASE15, PostgreSQL 8, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005 and MySQL 4 and 5. It also supports nested transactions and offers a new DBINFO tag that allows you to programmatically access information about a data source.

Take advantage of ColdFusion 8 features for your web development requirements. Visit here to review our various ColdFusion 8 hosting plans. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee and our support team is available 24/7/365 at your service!

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