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Disadvantages of Free Hosting With cPanel

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Many people get caught up in trying to find the best deal for free hosting with cPanel without considering the disadvantages of doing so. Everything for free is better right? Unless of course if there is a catch, and there usually is. Many times when people get caught by the “free service” hook, they end up with an inferior product or service. Current and aspiring webmasters should avoid getting distracted by promotions with free services. There is usually a better deal available for a moderate or fair price that provides better services. Many times, things on the Internet that are “free” these days are usually some type of scam in one way or another.

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Some Disadvantages of “Free” Web Hosting:


  • – Many times the free domains are actually free sub-domains that are hard to remember or identify.
  • – Many times a hosted site that is free of charge is typically slower and has more downtime than when the webmaster is paying for a quality service. It’s hard for webmasters to recover from the high number of potential customers that will probably never try the website again when people see the website barely works or is unreliable.
  • – Sometimes the “free” hosted sites have tacky or intrusive banners that turn potential customers away or make people question the legitimacy of the website.
  • – The “free” promotions often offer limited services like a smaller MySQL database, lower bandwidth and less disk space than a paid account
  • – Many of the free sites get buried in the search engine and aren’t eligible for PPC targeted ads.
  • – Many times the hosting company asks for the webmaster to upgrade from a “free” account in order to keep the website up and running for the long-term.
  • – Hosting companies sometimes remove the free sites without warning
  • – Hackers and spammers have already given most “free” websites a bad name. Paying a little more than free is usually better than getting stuck with an inferior service on a long-term contract. Many times, “free” is an introductory rate but it rarely lasts for too long. Web hosting is far too important for a serious webmaster to be willing to compromise on price or quality. It’s almost impossible to get a quality service online without paying something for it. You get what you pay for right? Don’t let “free hosting with cPanel” determine where you take your business. Take the time to review the services and reviews in order to find the best deal on the internet.


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