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DotNetNuke Hosting | DNN Hosting | Supported on our ASP.NET Hosting Plans

March 17 2013 0

dotnetnuke hosting

DotNetNuke (DNN) is among the leading content management systems built on Windows ASP.NET platform if not the best of all. It’s flexible, agile and easy to deploy and configure. It comes in Community Edition (which is free), Professional Edition (which provides more features and support), and the Enterprise Edition (which is priced relatively higher than the Professional but gives you more features along with a support plan from DotNetNuke Corporation).

With over 6 million downloads and counting plus over a million active websites are currently running on the DotNetNuke CMS. It is with no doubt the leading web content management system designed for the Microsoft web hosting platform. It’s intuitive and allows users to easily create new websites or grow their existing ones. It’s bundled with an open Application Programming Interface (API) and tens of thousands of plugins which empowers ASP.NET developers to create amazing websites. Furthermore, as an open source application, there are over 750,000 registered members that support the platform thus giving you access to huge knowledgebase for on going support and knowledge sharing.

dotnetnuke hosting

DotNetNuke Hosting can be deployed on any of our ASP.NET Hosting plans with ease. Our Plesk Control panel is equipped with the ability to 1-Click Install DotNetNuke thus making the installation process very simple and straightforward without hassles. In addition, our technical support team has extensive experience in DotNetNuke Hosting and can provide you with the necessary help and guidance when needed with hosting your DNN website. Our support team is available 24/7 and ever ready to assist you.

Click here to review our ASP.NET Hosting plans support DotNetNuke Hosting. If you have any questions on using DotNetNuke in your web application, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or via Live Chat. We’re here at your service!