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Expert Apache Tomcat Hosting for Java Servlet and JSP web app hosting

June 5 2013 0


Every Java web application developer building Servlet or Java Server Pages (JSP) web application needs a reliable Java container to serve up their web application on the Internet. By utilizing a reliable Apache Tomcat hosting solution you can meet this objective simply because Apache Tomcat hosting is the best Java container that fully implements the Servlet and JSP specification as prescribed by the JCP (Java Community Process).

By hosting your Java website on a Apache Tomcat hosting platform – you’re leveraging years of advanced development by the best programmers on the planet. Simply put – Apache Tomcat hosting is the most reliable, secure and cost effective solution for Java web application deployment. Although other Java web containers exists – they are mostly not free and too expensive or lack a long history of advanced development road map.

java-tomcat-hosting-plans1-1 provides affordable Apache Tomcat hosting packages to meet every Java web developer’s needs. Whether you’re a small time Java developer looking for an environment to test things out or the seasoned developer working as part of a large team of developers – our Apache Tomcat hosting plans will surely meet and exceed your needs.

Our Apache Tomcat hosting environments supports both Private and Shared Tomcat configurations. With our private Apache Tomcat hosting setup – you get a dedicated Tomcat instance that is fully controlled by you. You can start/stop your Tomcat server as you see fit. You can edit the server.xml file. You can deploy WAR or JAR files via Tomcat Manager or via SSH. The shared Apache Tomcat hosting configuration is a bit restrictive in the sense that there’s so much you can do given that you’re on a Shared Tomcat server. However you still take advantage of all the features of Tomcat except for the ability to start/stop Tomcat by yourself or deploy WAR or JAR via Tomcat Manager (you’ll need to open a support and we’ll do this for you within 15 to 20 minutes).


So make no mistake about it – Apache Tomcat hosting is your preferred platform for hosting mission critical Java web applications adhering to the JSP/Servlet specs. Check out this section to review our hosting plans that support Apache Tomcat hosting and take advantage of our 15% discount today using coupon code: 15PD

The best Apache Tomcat hosting platform for Java Servlet, JSP, JSF, Spring, Struts, Hibernate web hosting w/ MySQL, PostgreSQL & MSSQL on Tomcat server