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Fulfillment Services – The Ultimate Guide on The Top 20 Best Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment Services

When it comes to running an ecommerce business, fulfillment services play a vital role. Ensuring that your customers receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner is crucial if you want to maintain customer satisfaction. 

There are many things involved in selling your products online. After finding the right ecommerce platform, creating your store, setting up the store, and uploading your products, the work does not end there. 

When your customers order your products, you need to fulfill their orders. You need to make sure your customers get their products in perfect condition and on time. 

When you do this right, you will have repeat customers and good reviews to increase trust in your store. 

This blog post will explore what makes up a good fulfillment service for your business and how to find the best company for these services.

Table Of Contents
  1. What Are Fulfillment Services?
  2. Why Are Fulfillment Services Important for Ecommerce?
  3. What Does an Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Provider Do?
  4. Types of 3PL Companies for Shipping Fulfillment Services
  5. Benefits of Using Order Fulfillment Companies
  6. Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies – Key Things to Consider
  7. Must-Have Features of Every Fulfillment Service Provider
  8. Best Fulfillment Services for Ecommerce
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Final Thoughts

What Are Fulfillment Services?

What Are Fulfillment Services?

Fulfillment services are third-party companies that handle the preparation and shipping of your orders for you. 

These services include inventory management, packaging, shipping, handling returns, and more. All these processes are taken care of in the fulfillment center. 

If your business has outgrown its warehousing capabilities or doesn’t want to handle your customers’ orders, you would greatly benefit from ecommerce fulfillment services.

There is a wide range of fulfillment service providers out there that can meet your ecommerce fulfillment requirements. 

Indeed, this service is beneficial for ecommerce businesses growing fast and looking for better ways to optimize their order fulfillment operations.

Why Are Fulfillment Services Important for Ecommerce?

Why Are Fulfillment Services Important for Ecommerce?

Managing inventory, picking, packaging, and shipping goods can be very complicated. This process involves adequate coordination and management. 

As a result, fulfillment services are vital for ecommerce businesses because they take away all the hassle that comes with fulfillment.

So this gives you more than enough time to focus on the growth and development of your business. Outsourcing order fulfillment will enable you to focus more on customer acquisition and scaling your business much faster. 

According to Walker Sands, the majority of US consumers are not getting their order delivery expectations met. When customers order an item from your online store, they expect quick delivery and prompt service.

Fulfillment services are essential because they allow you to provide your customers the quick and effective service and delivery they want. 

If you sell the best products with an imperfect fulfillment process, your business will be affected. Your customers’ satisfaction is mainly dependent on effective and efficient order fulfillment.

Therefore, the ecommerce fulfillment firm you choose also has a crucial role in delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

What Does an Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Provider Do?

What Does an Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Provider Do?

An ecommerce fulfillment service provider helps ecommerce businesses to process and deliver orders to their customers. 

These service providers offer the following fulfillment services:

  • Receiving the inventory
  • Storing the inventory
  • Processing orders
  • Picking and packing the order
  • Adding packing slips
  • Shipping the order
  • Handing returned items.

These service providers work with software that they can connect to your online store. 

Once a customer orders an item in your store, they will receive, package, scan and ship the order to your customer. 

Furthermore, they will also send the information regarding the fulfillment of the order back to your store. 

For instance, if a customer orders a pair of shoes at your store, the order will go to your fulfillment service providers. The company will be the one to pick the color and size that the customer chose, package the goods, and send them to the customer.

Types of 3PL Companies for Shipping Fulfillment Services

Types of 3PL Companies for Shipping Fulfillment Services

With a 3PL (third-party logistics) company, you can outsource operational logistics ranging from warehousing down to delivery. These companies’ services make it possible for you to focus on other vital parts of your business.  

3PL companies provide a wide range of services that involves supply chain logistics. The services they render include transportation, inventory forecasting, picking, and packaging goods, order fulfillment, and freight forwarding. 

Similarly, these companies hold a vital spot in the supply chain of most brands. They make ecommerce very easy for businesses. 

All you have to do is take orders from your customers, and your 3PL company handles the fulfillment of the order. 

Here are the different types of 3PL companies for shipping fulfillment services:

1. Standard 3PL Provider

Standard 3PL providers offer only essential logistics services. They help to store and transport your goods. They also handle some distributions based on the request of your company. 

Standard 3PL providers are low-budget options because they only render storing and transportation services.

2. 3PL Service Providers

3PL service providers provide all the essential logistic services of standard 3PL providers. In addition to those services, they provide IT infrastructure and management. 

These companies offer reliability and safety value like shipment tracking, security, as well as compliance management. If you want to provide your customers with quick and safe product delivery, you can rely on 3PL service providers.

3. 3PL Customer Adapters

3PL customer adapters handle almost all of their client’s logistics activities, including managing the order process from start to finish.

Notably, these companies can negotiate with shipping carriers and provide rate maintenance on behalf of their customers.

These companies also provide their clients with access to technology, like a transportation management system. With this technology, they can manage the entire fulfillment process – end-to-end if you want.

4. 3PL Customer Developers

There are very few companies in this category, but they are the largest. Companies that render this service take over a company’s logistics activities wholly based on their client’s request.

 If you work with 3PL customer developers, they will be the logistics department of your business. 

However, these companies do not come cheap due to the wide range of services they offer. The process of handling the entire fulfillment process is demanding, which is why their services are costly.

Benefits of Using Order Fulfillment Companies

Benefits of Using Order Fulfillment Companies

Outsourcing the fulfillment of your orders is one of the best ways of growing your business. 

It comes with many great features that are highly beneficial to you and your business. 

Here are some benefits of using order fulfillment companies:

1. Fulfillment Services Save Time

Using an order fulfillment company will save you a whole lot of time. 

When you outsource order fulfillment, you will no longer have to start looking for the right product, packaging it, and shipping it when a customer places an order. 

The company will handle all these processes. Likewise, they will manage your inventory, orders, packaging, and shipments, thereby giving you enough time to do other things.

2. They Reduce Shipping Costs

These companies also help to reduce shipping costs. Most of these companies have facilities in different locations, making it possible to offer lower shipping costs. 

You can save about 15 to 35 percent on shipping costs depending on the fulfillment company you choose. 

These companies also have software that they use to check the shipping rates of different carriers, making it easier for them to choose the most cost-effective option.

3. Fulfillment Services Protect Your Reputation

If you are new to the ecommerce world and want to create a good and reputable brand, you need to provide excellent products and delivery services. 

And this is where ecommerce fulfillment companies come in and streamline your fulfillment processes. These companies help to protect your business’s reputation and brand.

They will manage your inventory professionally and ship your orders on time. Also, they help reduce the risk of damaged products, late shipments, and incomplete orders, which will help to push your business further.

4. They Extend the Reach of Your Business

You don’t have to worry about your customers’ order delivery location with the right fulfillment service provider.

These fulfillment companies have warehouses in different states and countries, thereby meeting your customers’ needs wherever they are in the world.  

Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies – Key Things to Consider

Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies – Key Things to Consider

There are different ecommerce fulfillment companies out there, and they are not made equal. Some render many high-quality services, while others offer only limited services. 

When looking for the right ecommerce fulfillment company for your business, there are some vital things you need to consider. 

By doing so, you will be able to hire a company that can meet the specific needs of your business. 

Here are some of the critical things you need to consider:

1. Multiple Fulfillment Locations

When looking for your business’s right order fulfillment company, you need to consider this one of the most vital factors. As such, you need to choose a company with multiple fulfillment locations, which will help make things much faster and easier. 

With multiple fulfillment locations, the company will ship your orders to any country and state in less time. If the company has multiple fulfillment locations, they are likely to have a close warehouse to your customer. 

And this makes it even possible for your customers to get their order the next day. Remember, when your customer gets their item quickly, the praise does not go to the fulfillment company; the praise will go to your store or brand.

2. Order Fulfillment Speed

As we said earlier, if you want to maintain a good reputation and brand name, then you must offer your customers quality products and quick delivery time. 

So this means the fulfillment company you choose has a significant role to play in the success of your business. You need to choose a company that is very quick in order fulfillment.

We know it is difficult to tell how fast a company is when you have not tried them. Well, this is why reviews are there. You can check the reviews of the platform to see what previous and current users are saying about the company. 

Doing this will give you an idea of how fast they are in delivering client’s orders. 

Ending up with a slow order fulfillment company could be detrimental to your business. It could make you lose customers, and this will significantly affect your profits. 

Hence, this factor is critical when choosing a fulfillment company for your business.

3. Storage and Service Fees

In your quest for the best ecommerce fulfillment company, you should go for one that charges low costs for storage capacity. 

The company should also be flexible when it comes to how long your products can be in the warehouse. The last thing you want is to throw away some of your products. 

You also do not want to spend more money on additional storage facilities to protect your goods from the elements.

You should also ask the company how they bill their customers. Stay clear of annual and monthly retainers. 

For instance, if you sell seasonal products such as Christmas accessories, you have no business with an annual retainer. Instead, you should look for a flat-rate, low pricing structure that will not consume all the profit you make from your business. 

You should go for a company that offers no time limits when storing your products and low rates in terms of service fees.

4. Fulfillment and Delivery Fees

You should not overlook fulfillment and delivery fees when choosing a fulfillment company for your business. No business owner wants to spend more than the profit they make on a product on delivering it to the customer. 

So you should consider the charges of the platform and know how much it will cost you for them to fulfill and deliver the product.

Reviewing the fulfillment and delivery fees is very important because some companies have some hidden charges, which you will not know about until you are deep into doing business with them. This way, you will end up spending more than budgeted. 

Also, ensure you are satisfied with their fulfillment and delivery fee, and there are no hidden charges before you proceed with them.

5. Fulfillment Service’s Returns Management Process

Another important to consider is the fulfillment service provider’s returns management process.  

It is crucial for every online store, as some customers might want to return the product due to one reason. Some of the reasons why they might want to return a product include wrong products, wrong sizes, defective products, and more. 

Therefore, not providing your customers with a means of returning these items would be very bad for your business. Your customers will lose trust in you, and they will never return to your store.

To avoid this, you should choose an ecommerce fulfillment company with an effective returns management process. 

A returns management process handles the returns of items for online stores, whether for a full refund or replacement. Hence, you want to make sure the company offers this service, and it does it effectively.

6. Damages and Insurance

One major factor that can affect your bottom line and the satisfaction of your customers is how the company you choose takes care of issues such as shipment errors, damaged shipment, and returns. 

These sorts of issues are prevalent in the ecommerce world. Some customers usually get damaged products on arrival, while some experience incomplete orders. 

When such events unfold, who will take responsibility for them?

Some order fulfillment companies might require you to purchase additional insurance if you sell very expensive or fragile products. While other companies usually integrate their insurance fees into their monthly fees. There are still a few companies that rely more on the shipping company’s insurance.

When looking for an ecommerce fulfillment company, we recommend you go for a company that provides a very high level of supervision and control over its processes, as they can take responsibility for any problem.

7. Fulfillment Service’s Facility Security Protocol

When it comes to choosing a fulfillment provider, one of your primary concerns should be security. 

Most ecommerce fulfillment service providers have multiple facilities in different locations, and you want to make sure that they have standard security protocols in all their facilities. 

The safety of your inventory is paramount, and the security level of the fulfillment company you choose determines it.

The company should have some basic security protocols beyond video surveillance and guarded doors. They should also have measures of moving your inventory from truck to storage safely. 

You also want to make sure they have a safe way of picking, packing, and shipping goods.

Today, you can monitor all those processes with UPCs, video, or both of them. Some companies will also allow you to inspect their facility and see some of its security measures. 

In all, you should only opt for the services of a company that promises excellent security for your inventory. 

Well, you cannot rely solely on their promises, so we recommend you check their reviews as well. Doing this will give you a headstart on how well the company does in terms of security and managing their client’s inventory.

Must-Have Features of Every Fulfillment Service Provider

Must-Have Features of Every Fulfillment Service Provider

In this section, we will be talking about some of the vital features every ecommerce fulfillment service provider must have. 

These features are critical, as they determine the kind of services you will get when you subscribe to their service. These features are what make up an ecommerce fulfillment company. 

Considering the following features will ensure you hire the right company for your business. So here are the must-have features to consider:

1. Multi-Channel Order Management

Multi-channel order management is one of the most crucial features of a fulfillment service provider. This feature comes in handy, as it helps you manage all the orders flowing through your sales channels in one place.

Managing a multi-channel business can be a bit difficult, complicated, and highly demanding. You have to manage your customers’ orders from one channel to another. 

For easy and effective management of all these orders, you need a system that can centralize your sales channels. You need to view all of them on a single platform, regardless of their order type or origin. 

Fortunately, you can achieve this with a multi-channel order management system.

This feature allows you to manage your orders from eBay, Amazon, your online store, and offline store all in one place. It also allows you to provide customers with accurate order status. 

With this feature, you will never disappoint your customer and mismanage your orders anymore. Hence, you want to make sure any ecommerce fulfillment service provider you choose comes with this vital feature, except you have only one sales channel.

2. Ecommerce Platform Integration

Integration is another vital feature that you need to look out for when searching for your business’s right ecommerce fulfillment company. 

The company you choose should be able to integrate with different ecommerce platforms quickly and successfully.

Technology-driven 3PL or third-party companies allow for easy connection of your website with their system, which helps create a dual flow of information. 

With the integration of the system with your online store, you can check your inventory levels in real-time. So this will also give you access to accurate, transparent, and reliable data.

Integrating your online store with their system is very important, which is why the company you choose must have an ecommerce platform integration feature. 

You will not enjoy a successful and smooth order fulfillment service if your chosen company cannot integrate with the ecommerce platform that your online store runs. Hence, you should look out for this feature before making your final verdict.

3. Multiple Sales Channels Integration and Support

With this feature, you can sell inventory through different sales channels. If you have plans to do that, you must choose a fulfillment company supporting multiple sales channel integration. 

The company should be able to accommodate your needs if you want to sell through various channels.

For instance, if you have an online store on Wix eCommerce and sell through eBay and Amazon, you need a fulfillment company to cover all your sales options. 

It is also worth noting that some fulfillment companies support multiple sales channel integration for some ecommerce platforms and not some.

For instance, ShipBob supports integration with eBay and Walmart but not with Amazon. Amazon FBA supports integration with Amazon, eBay, and not Walmart. 

On the other hand, fulfillment service providers such as ShipMonk, Rakuten Super Logistics, Ruby Has, and a few others support integration with all three platforms. 

Therefore, when choosing a fulfillment services provider, you want to make sure the company supports all the ecommerce platforms you use.

4. Fulfillment Service’s Inventory & Stock Management Systems

One of the significant benefits of using an ecommerce fulfillment service provider is that you no longer have to handle your inventory. 

However, when you cannot handle your inventory, you can quickly lose track of your stock. You will find it difficult or almost impossible to keep track of items in stock.

To avoid this, you should choose an order fulfillment firm with an inventory & stock management system. The company should be able to provide you with a clean solution to control and manage your inventory. 

While you can use QuickBooks or a spreadsheet to manage your inventory level, it is always best to outsource it to an order fulfillment service provider to automatically manage the inventory.

However, you should make sure the company provides you with access to monitor your inventory level and inform the company about your inbound shipments.

5. Integration with Shipping Providers

The fulfillment service provider you choose must have the capability of integrating with shipping providers. With this feature, you can integrate your shipping provider with the system for better, seamless order completion.

Your business might have a shipping company that you already work with, or maybe you work with various shipping companies. Regardless of the situation, you want to make sure you choose a company that allows for easy integration of shipping providers into their system. 

Make sure the fulfillment service provider supports your shipping company or companies. There are different shipping companies out there, such as DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. 

For example, ShipBob supports all four shipping providers. Rakuten Super Logistics support FedEx, USPS, UPS, and not DHL. ShipMonk also supports all four shipping providers. 

You can work with other shipping providers, including Australia Post, UK Royal Mail, and Canada Post.

6. Fulfillment Service’s Ease of Use and Quick Onboarding

No one wants to end up with a product or service that they cannot use easily, not even in ecommerce. 

In addition to going for a fulfillment company that allows for integrating a wide range of services and platforms, the firm’s services should also be effortless to use.

Everything should run smoothly and perfectly once you integrate and set up the necessary things. You should also be able to get help quickly when there is a problem. 

So this means the platform needs to have good customer support, and you should reach them through live chat and phone.

 In all, the company should have a quick and easy onboarding process.

7. Advanced Features, Reporting, and Dashboards

The benefit of having a team packaging and shipping your products is simply tremendous. 

However, while this is great, it is also imperative for you to have reporting and analytics to gauge performance and provide your customers with better services. 

With these advanced features, you can keep track of the entire fulfillment process from start to finish. Any platform you choose should not lack reporting and analytics features.

8. Fulfillment Service’s Expertise and Exceptional Customer Service

The numerous steps and aspects of order fulfillment and shipping can complicate the process. The product is selected, packaged, labeled, and prepared for shipping. A shipping provider ships and delivers the product. 

The numerous processes involved in moving the product usually leave room for error.  

Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Items can get missing, broken, or even sent to the wrong address. These things happen sometimes, and it is challenging to pinpoint whose fault it is. 

You are left with unhappy customers if you are not able to resolve such issues. As such, you must choose a fulfillment service provider with exceptional customer service.

If there is any need to take returns, resend orders, or resolve any issue, you will need to call someone. The company should have a very active and highly responsive customer service team. 

You should be able to reach them through several channels, with phone and live chat being the two most important.

9. Swift and On-Time Delivery

When you are researching different order fulfillment companies, one of the most important things to consider is how quickly they can ship your product. You want a company that provides quick service.

Some ecommerce fulfillment service providers need lead time to fill orders. The lead time could be one day, a couple of days, or a week. 

When the fulfillment company has this lead time, your customers will have to wait for you and them to do their jobs before receiving their orders.

Data from Kibo shows that 63 percent of online shoppers expect the delivery of their product in three days.

When ordering something online, people expect it delivered quickly. It is no longer a nice-to-have; it a requirement. 

As a result, you will have many unhappy and disappointed customers if you do not deliver the item on time. 

So this means that you should always go to a company for fulfillment with a quick delivery system. They should be able to get your products delivered to your customer without any damage or issues.

10. Startup-Friendly and Scalability

If you are new to ecommerce and are looking for the right company to handle your fulfillment, you should opt for one designed for startups. 

It should have a startup-friendly design, prices, features, and more. Having this will make it much easier for you to use the system and not get lost.

Similarly, the platform should also allow for scalability. Scalability is crucial for every business, as no business wants to remain stagnant. 

Therefore, the platform you choose should have room for the growth and scalability of your business. It should allow for expansion, and it should be able to manage your inventory and fulfillment needs as your business grows.

Best Fulfillment Services for Ecommerce

Best Fulfillment Services for Ecommerce

There are many fulfillment companies in the industry that provide you with a lot of options. But before you pick one, make sure it is the best for your business. 

To find the best company, start by thinking about your unique needs and then look at all of your options. 

Then choose only a company that provides all the services and features your business needs. 

Here are some of the best order fulfillment companies out there:

1. ShipBob Fulfillment Services


ShipBob is undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce fulfillment companies in the world. 

This company made it to the top of our list. It’s a trusted company, and it is growing. One reason for this is because of its amazing features and benefits.

ShipBob is also known for its affordable logistics services and shipping costs. The company’s customer service is also one of the best in the industry. 

This company offers many great features, ensuring you get quality service for your money.

ShipBob Pros

  • Real-time order tracking and inventory
  • Multiple warehouses across the country
  • Many valuable tools and user-friendly dashboard
  • Swift and on-time delivery

ShipBob Cons

  • ShipBob does not offer some services like refrigeration.
  • You cannot integrate it with Etsy.

ShipBob Costs and Pricing

ShipBob’s costing and pricing structure comprise of different configuration as follows:

  • Setup Costs: ShipBob offer free setup and onboarding
  • Receiving: The cost of checking in, unpacking, and an inbound stock receipt is $25.00 for the first 2 hours. After the first two hours, the cost is $40.00/person hour.
  • Storage: $40.00 per pallet/month, $10.00 per shelf/month, and $5.00 per bin/month.
  • Pick and Pack: The first four picks in an order are free. Subsequent picks cost 20 cents per pick.
  • Standard Packing: Free mailers, plain boxes, dunnage, and tape used to pack orders
  • Shipping: The cost of shipping varies based on shipping services, weight, destination, and more.

ShipBob Key Features

  • Inventory Management
  • Order management
  • Advanced filter
  • Advanced reporting
  • Returns management
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Freight & Shipping Solutions
  • Ecommerce marketing, customer support, and CRM solutions
  • Ecommerce custom packaging and design
  • Integration with digital marketing, web development, and advertising agencies
  • Integration with tax, accounting, and financing solutions
  • Crowdfunding

2. Easyship


Easyship is another popular fulfillment company that provides global and domestic shipping services for businesses. This cloud-based shipping company provides its clients complete control over their goods and how they get to their customers. 

With this company, you have access to more than 250 shipping solutions. And this gives you the flexibility to choose a reliable courier of your choice or continue working with your existing shipping company.

Furthermore, Easyship’s comprehensive shipping solutions make it easy for you to get meager shipping rates, making it possible to save up to 70 percent on shipments. 

This platform also allows for easy integration with a wide range of services and platforms. You can integrate Easyship with your ecommerce platform for easy and faster shipping.

Easyship also allows you to customize the integration with your platform, thanks to its open API (Application Programming Interface) feature. 

Overall, Easyship will help make your business grow internationally, save time, save money, increase conversion, and make your customers happy.

Easyship Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • More than 250 shipping solutions
  • Global fulfillment
  • Allows for integration with different platform
  • Shipping management
  • Tax and duty visibility

Easyship Cons

  • Not the fastest delivery service
  • Poor logistics services
  • High charges

Easyship Costs and Pricing

Easyship has four different plans; a Free plan, Plus plan, a Premier plan, and an Enterprise plan.

  • Free Plan: The Free plan gives you access to some of Easyship’s essential features, but it still has many limitations. It offers 100 shipments per month, one team member, unlimited crowdfunding, and ecommerce integration. It lacks chat and phone support.
  • Plus Pan ($29.00/Mo): The Plus plan costs $29.00 per month, and it comes with a free 30-day trial. This plan comes with all the offerings of the free plan, including 500 shipments per month, auto-order sync, and chat support. This plan lacks phone support, customer success manager, and multi-box shipments.
  • Premier Plan ($49.00/mo.): The Premier plan costs $49.00 per month, and it comes with a free 30-day trial. This plan comes with plus plan’s offerings, including 2,500 shipments per month, up to five team members, phone support, and more. It lacks a customer success manager and multi-box shipments.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is a custom plan; you need to contact the support team to get pricing.

Easyship Key Features

  • More than 250 courier solutions
  • Multi-channel order management
  • Platform integration
  • Global fulfillment network
  • International expansion
  • Rates at checkout
  • Tax and duty visibility
  • Manage your brand experience
  • Flexible payment methods
  • 24-hour support
  • Return labels
  • Up-to-date tracking

3. Deliverr


Next on the line is Deliverr, and it is another highly reputable fulfillment service provider in the industry. 

If you are looking for a convenient, easy, and fast way to manage your order fulfillment requirements, this is one of the best platforms to consider. 

Deliverr allows you to integrate a wide range of ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Wish, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and more.

This company makes it easy for you to manage your shopping cart and marketplace orders while providing your customers with super-fast shipping at the same time. 

One of the major selling points of this company is its transparent and affordable pricing structure. It also comes with a free calculator to help you calculate shopping cart shipping fees.

Another fantastic thing about this brand is that they provide an easy-to-use service. Signing up is also very easy. All you need is your email address. The setting up process is also straightforward, as there is a wizard to guide you through the process.

Deliverr Pros

  • Very easy to use – features Amazon Style
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Integrates with different tools
  • Two-day shipping available
  • Designed to meet your fulfillment and warehousing needs
  • Works with a wide range of eCommerce platforms

Deliverr Cons

  • It does not integrate with ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce.
  • Not the best option for shipping small quantities

Deliverr Costs and Pricing

This fulfillment service provider’s cost and pricing comprise of the following configurations:

  • Fulfillment: This applies to units fulfilled based on dimensions, weight, and service level. This fee includes handling the order, shipping, pick pack, and packaging costs. This company currently has three service levels, which are 2-day, 3-day, and 5-7 days delivery. The starting price for fulfillment is $3.99 per unit.
  • Storage: This applies to every inventory sitting in Deliverr’s warehouse, and they charge every unit per cubic foot per month. The starting price of storage is 75 cents per cubic foot per month.

Deliverr Key Features

  • Fast and straightforward shipping options
  • Cost calculator
  • Transparent and all-inclusive pricing options
  • Supports shipping on national levels
  • Allows for integration with many eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more
  • Super-fast shipping
  • Enhanced search engine optimization
  • Filter inclusion, which makes it easy to pick the right product

4. Sprocket Express Fulfillment Services

Sprocket Express

Sprocket Express offers small, medium, and large ecommerce businesses a wide range of services. The company’s service offerings include warehousing, order fulfillment, support services, and inventory control. 

Furthermore, it has a multi-channel integration plan that allows you to grow your business from a single ecommerce channel into a multi-channel business.

Notably, Sprocket Express picks, packs, ships, and confirms orders in one business day. 

Most of this company’s clients sell products such as sports equipment, clothing, nutritional supplements, and more. 

The company’s software system integrates with different ecommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and more.

This company also has a secure web portal where you can view orders or inventory levels. It also offers analytics to help you scale your business. 

In all, Sprocket Express designed its services to help your business grow at your own pace.

Sprocket Express Pros

  • Great customers service
  • Very easy to use
  • Smooth operations
  • Provides complete fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses
  • Integrates with eCommerce platforms
  • Caters to the growth of your business

Sprocket Express Cons

  • No transparent pricing

Sprocket Express Costs and Pricing

Unfortunately, Sprocket Express does not have a transparent payment system. This company does not have monthly plans or fixed prices for its service. 

You have to contact them to request a quote. You can request an ecommerce fulfillment quote by filling out a form. 

After which, Sprocket Express will contact you to explore your company’s unique needs and provide you with a custom quote. 

However, they are currently offering a discount of $100.00 on your first month with them.

Sprocket Express Key Features

  • Multi-channel integration
  • Excellent client support services
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Market place integrations
  • Receiving and warehousing
  • Additional fulfillment services such as web development, product services, business services, and reporting

5. FreightPros Fulfillment Services


FreightPros is another highly reliable fulfillment services provider out there. The company’s fulfillment services are well suited for small and medium-scale businesses. 

Moreover, this company offers very affordable prices, and it comes with many great features and services.

You will also get exceptional customer service with this company when you sign up, which is one of the vital things you should consider when looking for a fulfillment company for your business. 

With FreightPros, you will get access to extraordinary services such as rail carriers, less than load (LTL), temperature-controlled freight, and various tools that you can use to control your shipment directly.

This company tracks the whole shipment process carefully – from the pickup process down to the delivery. 

As such, this makes it very easy for them to track and resolve any delivery issue, ensuring your products are delivered quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

FreightPros Pros

  • Speedy delivery service
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quickly identifies and resolves delivery issues
  • Provides a wide range of tools for easy management of your shipment

FreightPros Cons

  • Not ideal for large businesses
  • Lacks a transparent pricing model

FreightPros Costs and Pricing

FreightPros does not have a constant price or different plans. You have to contact them to get a quote for the services you want. 

Notably, the company currently promises up to an 85 percent discount on LTL freight shipping. 

You will also get to pay the actual freight costs in the quote, with no hidden fees and costs.

FreightPros Key Features

  • Impressive customer service
  • Simple onboarding
  • Management systems
  • LTL freight shipping
  • Truckload shipping
  • Expedited freight
  • Temperature-controlled freight
  • Intermodal rail
  • Custom freight solutions

6. WhiteBox Fulfillment Services


If you are looking for an ecommerce fulfillment company that can handle all the fulfillment requirements of your business, then one of the best options you have is WhiteBox. 

With this company, you will get shipping services, fulfillment solutions, and storage at a low cost.

Furthermore, WhiteBox’s fulfillment services make it possible and easy for you to scale your business and reach a wider audience across the globe. 

One of the most attractive things about this fulfillment provider is that it eradicates unnecessary costs. The affordability of their services also makes them great for small and medium-scale businesses.

Nevertheless, there is a significant difference between WhiteBox and other 3PL companies. 

This company charges an onboarding fee of $3,000.00, which is something most platforms do not do. It also has a fulfillment cost of 10 percent of your entire sales. 

If you find it challenging to manage the volume of your shipment or just made a debut in the ecommerce place, this is a great fulfillment services provider for you.

WhiteBox Pros

  • They help you to manage your tasks
  • Ideal for small and medium-scale businesses
  • Offers a wide range of fulfillment solutions
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs
  • Accurate and on-time delivery

WhiteBox Cons

  • An onboarding fee of $3,000.00, which is expensive and uncommon
  • Not a great option for larger businesses

WhiteBox Costs and Pricing

WhiteBox does not have a transparent pricing system on its platform. The company does not publish its service pricing in different plans or fixed prices. 

To get started, you have to contact them. When contacting WhiteBox, you also have to specify the range of services or specific services you want.

WhiteBox Key Features

  • Quality control and kitting
  • Stock maintenance
  • Forecasting and predictions
  • SEO-friendly product listings
  • Marketing products and enhance listings
  • Marketplace selling and logistics
  • Integration with different eCommerce platforms
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Insight and analytics
  • Returns management

7. FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment

If you are looking for the best international ecommerce fulfillment service provider, then FedEx Fulfillment is one of the best options you have. 

This company does an excellent job when it comes to order management and international shipping. It is excellent for businesses that ship globally quite often.

FedEx Fulfillment’s services include packaging, logistics, storage, warehousing, order fulfillment, and more. 

Similarly, FedEx Fulfillment is well suited for small, medium, and large businesses because of its capabilities and excellent service line.  

This company is also known for its transparent policies regarding products, inventory, and tracking processes. It also has excellent customer support that does an impressive job. 

This company’s exciting thing is that it assigns a dedicated expert to assist small business owners, helping them understand and finish the whole process. 

FedEx Fulfillment also has warehouses where you can store your goods, and this helps to save a lot of money.

FedEx Fulfillment Pros

  • Swift and quick international shipments
  • Integrates with many eCommerce platforms
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly reputable brand
  • Great delivery network
  • Dedicated professionals to help business owners

FedEx Fulfillment Cons

  • Not the most consistent customer assistance
  • Lacks product-based batch fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment Costs and Pricing

Unfortunately, you will not find FedEx Fulfillment’s costs and pricing on its website. 

However, it has a form where you need to put in your details to request pricing information. The company charges its clients based on the level of service they want.

FedEx Fulfillment Key Features

  • Ecommerce integration
  • Provides visibility and tracking in one place
  • Customization
  • Expertise consulting
  • Global logistics capabilities

8. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment

If you are running an online store that sells heavy and oversized items, you might need this company’s fulfillment services. Red Stag Fulfillment is known for shipping heavy, large products, and the company does it excellently. 

However, this does not mean this company does not fulfill other product order types. It also ships smaller items, but the company is well experienced when packing and shipping heavier and larger items.

This company also offers custom-fit business solutions, a solution or service tailored for your business. Red Stag Fulfillment also boasts of inventory accuracy, order accuracy, and timely delivery. 

This fulfillment service provider uses cloud-based software, and this makes it much easier and faster to use.

Red Stag Fulfillment Pros

  • Allows for easy scalability
  • Exceptional handling of large, heavier items
  • Great security system
  • Impressive customer support
  • Guarantee same-day shipping

Red Stag Fulfillment Cons

  • A bit pricey
  • It does not integrate with Walmart

Red Stag Fulfillment Costs and Pricing

Due to the specialized services this company offers, they are more expensive than many companies. Red Stag Fulfillment offers 30-day risk-free trial signup. 

After the 30 days, if you do not like the way they served you and your customers, they will not charge you any fulfillment service fees. 

Furthermore, this company does not charge any setup fees, no account management fees, no long-term commitment, no SKU management fees, and no hidden charges. 

To get started, you have to contact them for the free trial and your pricing.

Red Stag Fulfillment Key Features

  • Great customer service
  • Scalability
  • Integration with different eCommerce platforms
  • Simple onboarding
  • Management system
  • Excellent security and secure servers
  • Inventory and order tracking
  • Order fulfillment
  • Pick and pack fulfillment
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Inventory planning

9. RedHawk Global

RedHawk Global

RedHawk Global is also on this list because of its excellent reputation and services. This company offers a wide range of services, including shipping, warehousing, freight, and more. 

They also distribute goods to several small businesses in Canada, the US, and Mexico. 

RedHawk Global is excellent for small businesses, and its client’s database consists of small businesses only.

If you are looking for a fulfillment company for freight distribution, you can rely on this company’s services. 

They are also one of the top rivals of FreightPros. This company also handles local and international shipping.

RedHawk Global Pros

  • International and local shipping
  • Great for freight distribution
  • Offers a wide range of fulfillment services
  • Great for startups and small businesses

RedHawk Global Cons

  • Not for large businesses
  • It does not offer much in terms of scalability

RedHawk Global Costs and Pricing

This company also uses the “quote” model. You can register an account free of charge. You can also get a quote without registering.

RedHawk Global Key Features

  • Multiple Services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Simple and straightforward booking portal
  • Real-time rates
  • Easy management

10. Ships-A-Lot


Ships-A-Lot is another highly reliable ecommerce fulfillment service provider. The central focus of this company is on businesses with high-volume transactions. 

This company provides high-quality services, and it has grown significantly over the years because of its outstanding services.

Comparatively, Ships-A-Lot offers various services, including warehouse management services, crowdfunding fulfillment, discount rates, etc. 

This fulfillment service provider’s services are excellent for retailers who sell lightweight, small items. 

It also allows for integration with other platforms such as BigCommerce, eBay, and Shopify.

Ships-A-Lot Pros

  • Quick and efficient delivery
  • Highly reliable
  • Integrates with many eCommerce platforms
  • Highly secured warehouses

Ships-A-Lot Cons

  • Works best with Shopify online stores, so you’re out of luck if you’re using other ecommerce platforms.

Ships-A-Lot Costs and Pricing

You have to request a quote to know how much their services costs. Their prices differ based on the number of monthly shipments you want and other specific needs of your business.

Ships-A-Lot Key Features

  • Technology integration
  • Inbound logistics
  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping
  • Returns management
  • Kitting
  • FBA Prep and “Just-in-Time” fulfillment
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Customer support
  • Inventory reports

11. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics has been in the ecommerce fulfillment business for over two decades. 

The company has years of experience, which many businesses are benefiting from today. This fulfillment services provider is great for enterprise companies.

Notable, Rakuten Super Logistics is known for meeting the needs of its customers and providing them with quality services. It is highly reliable, and it offers a wide variety of services.

Rakuten Super Logistics Pros

  • Enterprise business-specific services
  • Multiple fulfillment centers in the US
  • Specialty fulfillment centers
  • It offers subscription box services

Rakuten Super Logistics Cons

  • It does not integrate with DHL
  • Lacks fulfillment centers outside the US

Rakuten Super Logistics Costs and Pricing

For pricing, you have to request a consultation from their team of ecommerce fulfillment professionals.

Rakuten Super Logistics Key Features

  • Order fulfillment
  • Returns management
  • Subscription
  • Kitting
  • Freight
  • Client experience
  • Additional services

12. eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service

If you are looking for the best ecommerce fulfillment service provider for startups, eFulfillment Service is one of the best options to consider. 

This company offers reliable, trusted, and simple fulfillment services. It has a great lineup of features that are great for small businesses and startups.

The fact that this company does not have a minimum order requirement makes it more suited for startups. 

Furthermore, this company has been around for a very long time, and they have so much experience in this field. It has great pricing for fulfillment and storage, and it does not have long-term contracts.

Another great thing about eFulfillment Service is that it provides cross-docking. Cross-docking is when an order gets to the warehouse and then shipped out immediately without being stored. This service comes in handy for crowdfunded services that want to quickly ship out new products to their backers.

eFulfillment Service Pros

  • Relatively low-cost
  • No account charges, setup fees, and long-term contracts
  • Discount shipping costs
  • No minimum order required
  • Great for eCommerce startups
  • Integration with shipping carts
  • Dedicated IT team

eFulfillment Service Cons

  • Lacks advanced features such as reporting
  • It doesn’t offer custom packaging

eFulfillment Service Costs and Pricing

This company offers a custom quote, and you need to contact them to get your quote.

eFulfillment Service Key Features

  • Inventory storage
  • Fulfillment services
  • Product shipping
  • FBA prep services
  • Customer support
  • Technology
  • Cross-docking
  • Additional services

13. Fulfillment.com


Fulfillment.com is a cloud-based fulfillment service solution. This company has been around for almost a decade, and they have been providing streamlined order fulfillment services since then. 

Comparatively, Fulfillment.com currently has seven global warehouse locations, and it delivers products to over 150 countries from there. Three out of its seven international warehouses are in the United States. The rest are in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Australia. 

Furthermore, Fulfillment.com boasts quick processing time, as every item that comes to any of its warehouses, it processes in less than a day. The company’s agents also package, process, and deliver goods. 

It also has an online dashboard that makes it easy to manage all your processes.

Fulfillment.com handles large orders excellently, making it great for high-volume businesses. It also has an efficient order-tracking feature. The company’s customer service is exceptional and very helpful.

Fulfillment.com Pros

  • Does a great job of handling high volume orders
  • Offers same-day order processing
  • Dedicated account manager for every account
  • Seven international warehouses
  • 2-day delivery available
  • Great customer support
  • Many advanced features

Fulfillment.com Cons

  • Not the best option for small companies
  • It might be a bit complex for beginners

Fulfillment.com Costs and Pricing

There is no pricing list on the company’s website. To get started, you have to request a quote. However, their basic services cost as low as $10.00 per month.  

Fulfillment.com Key Features

  • International fulfillment options
  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Physical and warehouse security
  • Inventory and logistics tracking
  • Product manufacturing options
  • 2-day delivery
  • Returns management
  • Picking and packing
  • Inventory storage
  • Integration with ecommerce platforms

14. Ruby Has Fulfillment Services

Ruby Has

Ruby Has provides many impressive features for small businesses and online stores. This company has worked with more than 400 brands and has processed more than 15 million orders. 

Notably, this company boasts of 99.97 percent on-time shipping with over $2 billion worth of goods shipped. It has multiple fulfillment centers across Canada and the United States. 

Ruby Has offers intelligent fulfillment solutions, and it integrates with a wide range of platforms. It also offers seamless synchronization of your orders, quantities, and tracking numbers from your shopping cart to their WMS. 

They have a secure warehouse where you can store your inventory until it is shipped. It also offers packing and shipping services.

Moreover, Ruby Has allows for easy integration with Shopify Plus, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Magento, and more. It will also cut down your freight costs by 45 percent.

Ruby Has Pros

  • Six fulfillment centers across the United States and Canada
  • Great picking and packing services
  • More than 30 inbuilt API integrations
  • Competitive shipping rates

Ruby Has Cons

  • Not the best customer service

Ruby Has Costs and Pricing

To get started, you have to contact the Ruby Has team and let them know how they can help you grow your business. You need to fill a form to get a quotation for the range of services you want.

Ruby Has Key Features

  • Six locations
  • API integration
  • Same-day fulfillment
  • Domestic customer care services
  • Inventory and order management
  • Subscription box
  • Same-day shipping
  • Returns management
  • Powerful software
  • Pick and pack
  • Address validation

15. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular fulfillment service providers. It is one of the most advanced fulfillment networks out there, and it has a lot to offer. 

No matter the type of product you sell, you can use Amazon FBA to store your inventory and fulfill orders to your customers.

It is also the number one choice of many online retailers who deal with high margin products and high volume inventory.

Notably, Amazon has a massive network of over 170 fulfillment centers, and its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service gives you access to all of them. 

Amazon FBA has different warehousing costs, and its picking and packing costs also vary by weight and size.

Amazon FBA Pros

  • Great for businesses with high volume inventory
  • Reputable company name
  • Prime shipping for inventory
  • Handles a wide range of inventor
  • 170 fulfillment centers

Amazon FBA Cons

  • Your data goes to Amazon.

Amazon FBA Costs and Pricing

This fulfillment service provider’s picking and packing fees vary by the weight and size of the product. 

Small items weighing 10 ounces or less cost $2.41, while those weighing from 10 to 16 ounces costs $2.48. 

Whereas large items weighing 10 ounces or fewer costs $3.19, 10-16 ounces costs $3.28, 1-2 pounds cost $4.76, over 2 pounds cost $5.26, and $0.38 for every one pound after 3 pounds.

Amazon FBA Key Features

  • Multi-channel fulfillment
  • FBA export
  • Inventory storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Removal
  • Returns management
  • Track inventory
  • Inventory performance dashboard
  • Customer support

16. Zhenhub Fulfillment Services


With ZhenHub, you can carry out international logistics operations with ONE-CLICK. 

This company makes it easy for modern retailers to track packages, manage orders and inventory, and fulfill orders immediately.

It also allows you to integrate sales channels such as Shopify, making it easy for online stores to fulfill their orders. 

With this fulfillment company, you no longer have to deal with Excel spreadsheets, as they provide accurate data.

ZhenHub Pros

  • It gives you visibility and total control over your orders and inventory
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Accommodating and friendly support team
  • Offers a variety of fulfillment services

ZhenHub Cons

  • Complaints of fraudulent accounting practices

ZhenHub Costs and Pricing

You have to contact the team to request a quote.

ZhenHub Key Features

  • Over 18 warehousing
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipping services
  • Shipping software
  • Inventory management

17. Brightpearl


Brightpearl is another fulfillment services provider for retail and wholesale businesses. This platform provides business owners with features and tools that they can use to scale, run, and automate their businesses.

It offers multi-channel integration, as it allows you to connect all your offline and online sales channels in one place. And this gives you complete control over the management of your inventory and order. 

Indeed, Brightpearl gives you access to all of these in a real-time accounting module.  

This ecommerce fulfillment company is excellent for multi-channel retailers selling online, offline, and through online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, trading $1 million or above.

It provides easy-to-use software with exceptional customer service. The customer team is knowledgeable and friendly. 

This company also provides a free demo, which means you can get started without making any payments.

Brightpearl Pros

  • An all-in-one solution for small to medium-scale businesses
  • Great support system
  • Access to customer information
  • Very easy to use

Brightpearl Cons

  • Limited capabilities

Brightpearl Costs and Pricing

This company does not provide a starting price for its services. However, it offers a free demo account. 

You have to contact them to get access to the platform’s full features and know how much it will cost you.

Brightpearl Key Features

  • Distribution management
  • CRM
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Project management
  • Purchase order management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Warehouse management
  • Multi-channel eCommerce
  • Retail management system

18. ShipWire Fulfillment Services


ShipWire is a cloud-based fulfillment platform that allows businesses to fulfill their orders across the globe. With just one point of integration, you can push your products to your customers in any part of the world.

It comes with numerous ecommerce features, and it offers fulfillment solutions and retail integrations. 

Distinctly, ShipWire uses technology to enable online stores to manage drop shipping via thousands of suppliers. It has an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you quick access to vital information and views your transactions.

With the workflow dashboard feature, managing work orders and the flow of orders between different systems is much easier. You will also get accurate data analysis with this company, thanks to its reporting feature that provide automatic reporting.

ShipWire Pros

  • Easy-to-use system
  • Integrates with a wide range of platforms
  • International shipping services
  • Superb reporting and analytics tools

ShipWire Cons

  • No customization

ShipWire Costs and pricing

You’ll have to reach out to ShipWire’s customer service team to get a quote for their services.

ShipWire Key Features

  • Inventory management
  • ECommerce fulfillment
  • Global fulfillment
  • Sell thru retail
  • Dropship for retailers
  • Commerce EDI

19. Fulfillrite


Fulfillrite has a great lineup of services for ecommerce businesses. This company’s services include kitting and assembly, inventory storage, return processing, and more. 

This company’s services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It is also great for large businesses that want to streamline their order management process.

You can integrate Fulfillrite with other ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Celery, and Magento. It also provides you access to real-time inventory and order data.

Fulfillrite Pros

  • Fast delivery
  • Eliminates high cost of fulfillment
  • You do not need any fulfillment knowledge to use it
  • It gives you control over your delivery and inventory

Fulfillrite Cons

  • Not the best option for international fulfillments

Fulfillrite Costs and Pricing

This fulfillment service provider’s pricing is available by custom quote. It has different plans for different business sizes, but you have to contact them for a quote.

Fulfillrite Key Features

  • Order fulfillment
  • B2B order fulfillment
  • Kitting, packing, and labeling
  • Returns management
  • Inventory storage
  • ECommerce fulfillment
  • Subscription
  • Amazon FBA prep
  • ECommerce integration

20. ShipMonk Fulfillment Services


ShipMonk is another leading ecommerce fulfillment services providers in the world. This company is relatively young in the ecommerce fulfillment world, but it has grown enormously because of its outstanding services and offerings.

This company provides an all-in-one fulfillment solution for all types of online stores. Some of its services include B2C ecommerce, crowdfunding campaigns, and subscription boxes. 

Distinctly, ShipMonk makes life easier for many business owners today. It also has a compelling impact in the marketplace, thanks to its transparent shipping process.

ShipMonk Pros

  • Offers a wide range of fulfillment services
  • International order processing
  • Offers warehouse, inventory, and order management
  • No inventory receiving or setup fees
  • Integrates with more than 75 solution providers, marketplaces, and shopping carts

ShipMonk Cons

  • It does not integrate with Wix eCommerce

ShipMonk Costs and Pricing

ShipMonk does not have any free plan. Its services’ pricing starts at $1 per month, depending on the kind of services you need.

ShipMonk Key Features

  • Excellent support
  • Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Retail fulfillment
  • Crowdfunding fulfillment
  • FBA prep services
  • Subscription box fulfillment
  • Seller fulfilled prime
  • Delivered duty paid
  • Massive shipping discounts
  • Freight management
  • Multiple warehouse options
  • Seamless and free integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding ecommerce fulfillment services.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

In general, fulfillment services are a vital part of any ecommerce business. Whether you’re starting out or already an established company, the right fulfillment service can help ensure that your customers have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. 

It is necessary to consider the different types of fulfillment services available for your ecommerce business. There are many options with various features and price ranges, so it may be best to evaluate which one works best for you before purchasing. 

For example, some offer same-day shipping at an additional cost, while others have warehouses in more than one location nationwide or internationally. 

The choice will depend on what you need out of your order fulfillment company and how much cash flow you would like to spend on their service each month. 

We hope that this post has helped inform you about the benefits and must-haves when choosing a 3PL company for shipping fulfillment services! If not, please comment below, and we can help answer any questions or concerns.

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