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Installing Mura CMS on Lucee Server

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you the ease in installing Mura CMS on Lucee Server. Mura CMS is a powerful content management system that run on ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). It’s a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) CMS and employs a lot of advanced features such multiple sites per installation, role and group based user permission setting, custom templates, layouts and theme, programmable API and much more.

Since Mura CMS is based on CFML, it can equally run on other CFML engines such as Adobe ColdFusion. Lucee Server is a CFML engine that is very powerful, open-source, community supported, and best of all FREE! So you can expect the same level of quality hosting on a Lucee Server if not better when compared to other alternatives without the added financial costs.

Don’t have time to do the install? Well, guess what – we’ve done all the work for you. We have an OS Template ready to go with CentOS, Lucee Server, Mura CMS and MySQL bundled – all you have to do is visit https://www.dailyrazor.com/vps-hosting, order one of the VPS servers (we recommend at least the “OVZ VPS 1000”). While placing your order select “CentOS 7 64bit Lucee 5.1.0 Mura 7.0.6852 MySQL 5.5.52-MariaDB” from the drop-down menu options as your “Operating System”. Once your order is received, your VPS will be provided with everything install so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Now, let’s move forward with the tutorial for those of us that like to get under the hood and get to the nitty-gritty details of things. First of all, it’s worth noting that while installing Mura CMS on a Lucee Server, we’re taking advantage of the following software technologies:

Operating System: CentOS 7 64bit
CFML Engine: Lucee 5.1.0
CMS Application: Mura 7.0.6852
Database: MySQL 5.5.52 – MariaDB

Step 1: Install Lucee Server

This tutorial assumes that you have Lucee Server (version 5.1.0) installed, up and running. If you have Lucee Server already installed, proceed to Step 2. If don’t have Lucee Server installed, we have a nice tutorial here to provide you with the steps on how to install Lucee Server.

Step 2: Install and Configure Nginx Server

Assuming that Lucee is already installed on server (or you installed it as instructed by Step 1 above), you need to install and configure nginx server to use as reverse proxy so we can run Mura CMS on port 80 as well. Follow below instruction to do it:

# yum install nginx -y
# systemctl disable httpd && systemctl stop httpd
# yum remove httpd -y
# systemctl enable nginx

After above steps, we need to edit the nginx main configuration file. So run this command to take backup of original nginx file:

# mv /etc/nginx/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf.old

Then edit the file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf using this command:

# vim /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Press i key and paste the following text in the file:

user nginx;
worker_processes auto;
error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log;
pid /run/nginx.pid;

include /usr/share/nginx/modules/*.conf;
events {
    worker_connections 1024;

http {

  server {
    listen 80 default_server;
    server_name  example.com;
    index index.cfm;
    set $lucee_context "example.com";
    autoindex on;
location / {
          proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
            proxy_set_header Host $http_host;
            proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto https;
            proxy_redirect off;
            proxy_connect_timeout      240;
            proxy_send_timeout         240;
            proxy_read_timeout         240;



Then press “Escape” key and press Shift+: key and write wq and press Enter to save the file.

Now run this command to restart the nginx server:

# systemctl restart nginx

Step 3: Install MySQL Database (MariaDB)

Now we need to Install MySQL/MariaDB database using this command:

# yum install epel-release -y && yum -y install mariadb-server mariadb
# systemctl enable mariadb && systemctl start mariab
# systemctl disable iptables && systemctl stop iptables

Now, access the database, create a database and assign privileges to it:

# mysql
MariaDB [(none)]> create database mura;
MariaDB [(none)]> grant all privileges on mura.* to mura@localhost identified by '#enter-password-of-choice-here';

Step 4: Create a new datasource connection to the MySQL database in Lucee Server

Log into Lucee Server admin (http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/lucee/admin/server.cfm) using default Lucee admin user credentials, then click on DataStores under Services section:
installing mura cms on lucee server

Create new datasource by putting its name and selecting database type to, MySQL and press create:
installing mura cms on lucee server

Enter following user and password as shown below:
Username: mura (note: this is the username created in Step 3 above)
Password: #enter the password you created in Step 3 above#

Scroll down and after the details, press Create:
installing mura cms on lucee server

As shown below, our MySQL datastore has been created:
installing mura cms on lucee server

Step 5: Installing Mura CMS on Lucee Server

Now download the Mura CMS code from this url: http://www.getmura.com/downloads/download-mura-cms/mura-downloads/mura-standard/

Via SSH, upload the downloaded Mura CMS to the server /root directory

Run this command to create new directory

# mkdir mura

Move the uploaded Mura CMS code base to this directory and unzip it by running this command:

# mv mura-1.7.4.zip mura/
# cd
# unzip mura-1.7.4.zip
# cd ..

Now move the mura directory to the root directory of the Lucee server

# mv mura/ /opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/mcms

Now open this url to access the installation of the mura CMS server: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS/mcms

You will see installation page of Mura CMS as shown below:
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

Select Database type MySQL from dropdown menu. Next populate the details of database as follow:

DataSource name: mura (datasource name created in Step 4)
Database username: mura (database user name created in Step 3)
Database password: #enter the password you created in Step 3#

Installing Mura on Lucee Server

Now enter the admin user details, password as Mura_CmSPass#19@ and your email as well in email section:
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

Press Submit on last step, without making any changes:
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

You will see following message of installation complete, then press Login to login to the CMS (or you can visit: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS/mcms/admin to access Mura admin)
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

Login using the username and password you have setup during installation.
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

You will see following dashboard, which shows that CMS has been successfully installed:
Installing Mura on Lucee Server

Alternatively, you can access the Mura admin from this URL: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS/mcms/admin
(YOUR_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS: Use your own server IP address at place of IP address)

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Mura CMS on Lucee Server. If you have questions about setting up a high availability Mura CMS hosting, please contact us at sales@dailyrazor.com

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