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Java EE Hosting – Host your Java Web Application on a Solid Tomcat Hosting Platform

March 25 2013 0


Hosting your Java web application should not cost you an arm and leg. Java web developers around the world are anxiously searching for a reliable, durable, secure and fast Java EE hosting environment for their web app. And fills this void by providing professional Java EE web hosting solution at affordable cost.

Our J2EE hosting solutions run on either Shared or Private Tomcat Java application server and is available to you at an affordable cost. Despite this fact, you can be rest assured that your Java EE hosting set up is professionally done and managed by the Java hosting experts at

We provide you with the easy-to-use and intuitive Tomcat Manager for deployment of your Java WAR files and easy management of your overall Java web hosting environment. In addition to this, our Java EE hosting packages come equipped with the best control panel software in the world – cPanel/WHM. With cPanel – you can basically take charge and full control of your hosting environment and do anything you see fit – emails, databases, ssl certificates, etc.


It’s worth noting that you don’t have worry about configuring your Java hosting set up – once you sign up for a Java EE hosting plan, our experienced engineer do all the leg work for you. Once your account is setup, you just have to deploy via Tomcat Manager or SSH! That’s it! No need to worry about setting up Tomcat and it’s complexities – we got you covered!

Another great feature is that you have the option to purchase a Private Tomcat (running on a Private JVM) or a Shared Tomcat plan! This gives your Java web application better reliability, security and high availability!

So when looking for a professional and expert Java EE Hosting service – is your partner of choice! You you can deploy your Java web app with few clicks of the button via Tomcat Manager. You get 24/7 professional Java hosting support from our Java EE web hosting experts! You get a free domain name with your Java web hosting sign up! You have SSH access for great control to your Private Tomcat instance! And much more!