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Java Hosting Server Provider – Cheap Java Application Hosting Services

March 25 2013 0


Java is a powerful and robust programming language for the development of complex applications. With the gradual transition to the web – a lot of Java developers are building applications for the web. When developing Java web applications, you need a Java hosting server to deploy the application on and make it available for Internet users around the world. Whereas there are several LAMP hosting solutions out there, there are very few Java hosting servers on the world wide web.


To select the best Java hosting server requires that you choose a company with a good track record of supporting and understanding of Java plus the professional and technical know-how to support such application on a Java hosting server. provides you with quality and reliable Java hosting server to house your Java web application. You’ve worked hard to develop your web application, it’s time you get a Java hosting server provider that will work even hard to ensure that your application is deployed correctly and highly available to discerning end users.

At DailyRazor, the Tomcat application server is our preferred Java container for our Java hosting server infrastructure. Among all open source Java containers out there in the market – Tomcat server is the best and enjoys are wide support about the Java developer community. On our Java hosting server environment you can either select to host on a Private Tomcat with dedicated JVM Heap or Shared Tomcat with Shared JVM.


The amount of Java Virtual Memory (JVM) available to your Java application is indicative of how your Java web application will perform as it gets numerous HTTP requests from user. Basically, in addition to other hardware configuration parameters – it helps determine your applications processing power and response times. Although we strongly recommend going with Private Tomcat Java hosting server set up – nevertheless, we have thousands of customers using the Shared Tomcat configuration with success. But still – not beats having your private Tomcat on a Java hosting server with dedicated JVM heap size that only your application context can enjoy.

Click here now to visit and review our Java hosting server packages and select the best that meets your needs. Our support personnel have years of experience in support Java web applications and will be of great asset when you need help with configuration, troubleshooting and setting your your Java website. Good luck!

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