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Cheap Java Hosting – The Best Java JSP Servlet Web Hosting on Tomcat

May 20 2013 0

cheap java hosting

There are several web hosting choices available to the every-day web developer – however, for the Java web developer a special set of tools and processes need to be put in place and it has to be CHEAP and affordable! You see, the Java developer unlike his or her PHP (or other LAMP stack developers) counterpart needs a special cheap Java hosting set up, choice of application server (Tomcat, Resin, Jetty, Glassfish, Jboss, etc), choice of JDK version, JVM heap (private or shared), etc.

Given the unique requirements faced by Java web developers, the cost of providing Java hosting can easily skyrocket. As such, every Java web developer need a quick and cheap Java hosting environment that can easily be deployed with minutes with out robbing the bank. Our cheap Java hosting empowers developers with this and in the most scalable way possible. Each cheap Java hosting solution provides you with ample resources to deploy your Java as well as non-Java (PHP, CGI, Perl, etc) web apps on.

cheap java hosting

All of our cheap Java hosting plans allow you to deploy your Java web application either on a Private Tomcat or Shared Tomcat application server set up. On the Private Tomcat hosting plans, you have your very own dedicated JVM Heap that is solely for your app server and not shared with other app servers. Whereas, the Shared Tomcat hosting plans offer a generous shared JVM Heap that is shared among all applications running on the shared app server. In addition, our cheap Java hosting plans offers you all these without sacrificing service level. So you can be rest assured to expect high quality service on any of the cheap Java hosting plans offered.

Above all, each cheap Java hosting plan is refundable – if within 30 days you decide to cancel the Java hosting package, simply notify us and it we will cancel it and issue you full refund – this is our 30 days money back guarantee promise on all of our cheap Java hosting plans. So what are you waiting – test it out today and see the full benefits of these amazingly priced cheap Java hosting offerings.

cheap java hosting

Cheap Java Hosting on Private Tomcat App Server w/ support for MySQL, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Primeface, Richfaces, MyFaces Web Hosting