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How to host Java application with ease on Tomcat Application Server

April 23 2013 0

host java application

So, you’ve decided to look at Java hosting services that allow you to host Java application and you’re ready to start experimenting. That’s great if you’re a pro developer and, if you’ve decided to let DailyRazor host your Java application, you’ll be amazed at the resources available to you.

But what if you’re a newbie, or looking to improve your existing skills. One of the best ways to learn any language is to take existing code and play with it a little bit. It not only gives you a feel for how the language flows, but you might be able to pick up a few techniques from more experienced developers.

Here are five of our favorite sites for getting hold of open source Java applications.
Despite the name, JavaForge is actually a multi-language project hosting platform that uses GIT to keep control of version changes. It’s a massive resource with excellent documentation, a great place to go if you want to feel like you’re part of a huge team of developers.
Like JavaForge, this is a massive project hosting platform. The difference here is that search and categorization are a little stronger, making it easy to look for the type of Java application you want to work on.

host java application
This is intended more as a learning resource than a project hosting platform. There are thousands of applications available here, either to plug straight into your website or to pick apart and examine the code.

As well as thousands of code fragments to cover any application you can imagine, Java2S also offers a wide range of tutorials to talk you through the language and implementation. A superb utility for newcomers.
Again you’ll find tutorials and code fragments here, with a vast range of information to help you get started. This site also a consultancy service, so if you can’t find what you want, you can request it. It’s not free, but it might be invaluable when your Java project runs into issues.

The worldwide Java development community is enormous and these sites are just the tip of the iceberg. Get involved, join forums, get to know other developers and experiment with the language. And be sure to get a great package that allows you to host Java application at a low cost. Our Java hosting packages are affordable, flexible and give you the freedom to unleash the creative Java within you. We offer both Private and Shared Tomcats for you to host Java application on. All packages are backed by a 30 days money back guarantee so you can rest assured of the level of service you’re getting.

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