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How to host Java Website : A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

April 23 2013 0

how to host java website

If you’re considering turning to a Java hosting solution, you’re probably wondering how to host Java website. It’s not difficult to do this and you’ve got a few basic options, but choosing the right option will require a careful examination of your exact hosting requirements.

DailyRazor offers three options for Java website hosting:

  • Shared Tomcat

    This is shared Tomcat hosting and, as you might know from experience with other types of hosting, involves splitting the available Tomcat server resources and Java Virtual Memory (JVM) Heap with other users on the Tomcat server.

    If you’re looking at LAMP or ASP .net hosting, this isn’t that big of a deal. Stick within your CPU usage limits and you won’t ever really have to worry about it. With Shared Tomcat however, you need to think a little bit more about exactly how your site is going to work and the JVM resources you’ll need.

    Shared Tomcat is great for beginners and tinkerers, but not ideal for medium-sized enterprise. The shared Tomcat web server and shared JVM heap means that under very heavy traffic, you may not be able to provide the service your visitors expect. Rest assured though, if you start with a DailyRazor Shared Tomcat package to host your Java website, it’s easy to upgrade to the next level.

  • how to host java website

  • Private Tomcat

    This is a great plan for businesses that are about to take off or for hardcore Java web developers. You can enjoy terrific performance with first-rate security, and with plans starting at $9.99 it means that you can facilitate a huge amount of web traffic while waiting for your website to start turning a profit.

    Private Tomcat comes with your own personal Private Tomcat server as well as your own dedicated JVM heap. Like all of our packages, it comes with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Once you’ve learned how to host Java website on our Shared Tomcat package and you’re ready to start expanding your web presence, the Private Tomcat is the ideal next step.

  • Private JBoss on VPS

    This is our Enterprise solution, available at a commercially competitive price. You’ve learned the ropes on Shared Tomcat, you’ve built a presence with Private Tomcat, now you’re ready to start become a serious player in your field. That’s when Private JBoss becomes essential.

    Our VPS systems are all carefully maintained to make it feel like it’s your own personal Linux server. Our Dual Core Woodcrest servers are monitored by a team of highly skilled Linux engineers and our network can comfortable handle up to 1Tb of traffic per month.

    We’ve designed our plans to match your development as a Java professional. If you’re wondering how to host Java website, it’s easy: hone your skills on Shared Tomcat, build your client base on Private Tomcat, and when you’re ready, unleash the power of private JBoss to become the leader in your industry

How to host Java website? Now that you’re done with your Java web application, here’s a guide on how to implement and host your Java based web application.