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Java application Server hosting – Host with the Best server platform

May 14 2013 0

java application server hosting

When looking for a Java application server hosting environment – there are many choices to choose from. At DailyRazor, we’ve set up the best possible Java application server hosting environment that is built on reliable Tomcat architecture which supports J2EE as well as Java frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC, LifeRay, and many more.

java application server hosting

Our Tomcat hosting environment is split into Private JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Shared JVM variants. By utilizing a Java application server hosting environment such as Tomcat on a Private/Dedicated JVM, you get to enjoy many benefits such as having your very own dedicated and isolated JVM instance; ability to start/stop the Java application server hosting platform whenever you need to (such as when deploying WAR or JAR files); access to services such as Tomcat Manager to point, click and deploy WAR files and much more.

On the other hand, having a Shared JVM for Java application server hosting environment is a bit more restrictive than Private JVM in the sense that you’re sharing a single application server instance with other users as such the JVM Heap dedicated to that particular server instance is shared among you all. Furthermore, in the event that “User A” upload their WAR file and requests Tomcat re-start (which is needed on any Shared JVM environment in other to unpack and deploy the WAR file), all applications (including yours) sharing that particular Java application server hosting environment will goe offline until the Tomcat server restarts and is back online. In addition to the aforementioned, you do not have access to important management tools such as Tomcat Manager and Tomcat Admin and you often need to contact the technical support department whenever you need to have Tomcat restarted.

So now you know a little bit more of the different Java application server hosting environments out there – it’s up to you to decide which best fits your Java web application development needs. Our advise is to follow the simple rule – if you need a reliable, secure and dependable Java application server hosting environment – then you should definitely go for one of our Private Tomcat/Private JVM hosting plans. But if you’re looking for a low cost environment to play around with and get your feet wet (without regard to uptime, reliability and dependability)- then the Shared Tomcat/Shared JVM hosting plans should suffice. Which ever hosting plans’ type you decide to go with, you can be rest assured that your Java web application will run on either as long as the applications follows J2EE/J2SE specification – thus fulfilling the Java promise of “Write Once! Run Anywhere!”.

Good Luck! Click here to review our various Java hosting plans!

java application server hosting

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