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Java Hosting Providers – Simple checklist to use when comparing them

April 14 2013 0

java hosting providers

When you’re browsing java hosting providers, you may just find yourself drawn to the cheapest. That’s not a bad thing; cheap java hosting providers can be just as good as the expensive ones. But it’s important to look through the details of the service offered and make sure that you find the right service for you.

java hosting providers

Here are a few pointers. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer, it’s a matter of finding the service that suits you:

Can you manually restart Tomcat?
If your site is resource-intensive or you’re testing out some experimental code, you’ll probably want complete control over your Java app server container. That’s not always an easy task with Tomcat though, so for smaller sites you may want Tomcat to be administered by your java hosting providers.

Do you have a private JVM heap?
This is a must for sites that need 100% security, like high-traffic e-commerce sites. You can’t use a shared resource when you’re handling confidential client information such as credit cards, and also you’ll probably want the speed of a private JVM heap. If your plans are a little smaller or you just want some space to experiment, a shared JVM heap should do you fine.

java hosting providers

Can you increase the size of the JVM heap?
If you’re on a shared JVM heap, then the availability of resources partly depends on the needs of other users. You probably won’t be able to manage the size of the JVM heap on a basic package, but getting control of this shouldn’t be too expensive if you’re looking to find java hosting providers that offer this service.

Are there any bandwidth limits?
Beware of java hosting providers who cap your bandwidth. Yes, they have good reasons to do this because Java can be so resource-intensive, but that’s no good for you. You don’t want your site going offline if you get traffic – isn’t traffic the reason you set up the site in the first place? Even the cheapest java hosting package should be able to offer a good deal on bandwidth.

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