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JVM Hosting – The Best & Cheapest Java JVM Hosting on Private Tomcat

May 2 2013 0

java jvm hosting

Every Java web developer understands the importance of having enough Java Virtual Memory (JVM) Heap available to your Java web application. In fact, the lack of the right amount of JVM Heap can make or break your Java web app. That being said, this is why ventured into the provision of professional and reliable Java JVM Hosting server and support for both Private JVM and Shared JVM hosting plans on Tomcat Application Container.

java jvm hosting

Private JVM hosting on Tomcat provides you with numerous performance, accessibility and reliability benefits such as:

  • Dedicated JVM Heap: You get your very own private JVM Heap which is available to your Private Tomcat container and not shared with other customers. This gives you a lot performance and reliability advantages.
  • Better Tomcat Control: On our Private Java JVM Hosting plans, you have complete access to your Tomcat Application server. You can Start or Stop it at anytime of your choosing. You have access to the server.xml file and literally do anything you want. You also have access to the Tomcat Manager and Tomcat Admin interfaces where you can deploy your WAR or JAR files as well as perform JNDI, JDBC and Database pooling configurations.
  • Version Selection & Control: The Private JVM Hosting plans on Tomcat provide you with the ability to select a specific Tomcat version as well as a specific JDK version. This flexibility ensures that you set up the most appropriate hosting environment for your Java web application.
  • High Availability: When put together, the performance result of having a dedicated JVM on a private Tomcat server plus the reliability achieved by isolating your application from others, the net result is unrivaled high availability. This is the desired end result of Private JVM Hosting on Private Tomcat server.

On the other hand, Shared JVM hosting on Shared Tomcat instances doesn’t provide you with all of the advantages mentioned above since it’s a shared environment and prone to disturbances and downtime resulting from activities of other application on the the environment.

So if you’re looking for a Java JVM hosting environment to play around and get your feet wet, surely you can go for the Shared Tomcat hosting plans. However, if you’re serious and need a highly secured, reliability and fast environment – you should seriously consider the Private Tomcat hosting plans!

java jvm hosting

Private Java JVM Hosting on Private Tomcat 7 supporting MySQL, Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC, JSF, MySQL, RichFaces, PrimeFaces, LifeRay, Custom JVM & more