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Java MySQL Linux Hosting – A League Of There Own

March 4 2013 0


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Which distro of Linux is best suited for Java web applications? This is the question many professional and enthusiast programmers ask themselves. The truth is, there are many Linux distribution platforms currently available. And with everybody claiming to be the best, how can you really know. However, most experts in this industry believe Java MySQL Linux Hosting is in a league of their own.

java mysql linux hosting

Java is an object-oriented language and runtime environment(JRE). The Java programs platform are independent due to the fact that the program execution is handled via Virtual Machine called the Java VM. It is this technology that allows you to view dynamic database driven content online, play online games, confabulate with people all around the world, and view images in 3D to name a few. Java is also essential to Intranet applications and various e-business solutions. Java is believed by many to be, the foundation of corporate computing and virtually every other viable networked application. Java has over nine(9) million developers contributing to this technology platform. Everything from mobile applications, games, dynamically generated Web-based content, and enterprise software. The technology of Java is currently servicing over 1.1 billion desktops, downloading over 930 million Java Runtime Environment apps, as well as running in over three (3) billion mobile phones to name a few.

Mysql is an open-source, relational database management system(RDBMS) that runs as a server to provide multi-user access to a number database. As of 2008, ‘My Sequel’ is the most used open source RDBMS in the world. The platform is named after the co-founder’s daughter, My. The SQL however, stands for Structured Query Language. MySQL can be built and installed manually, but experts say this can be tedious and time consuming. More commonly, Mysql is installed via binary package unless other specifications were requested. Hosting refers to the commercial service offered by companies that let you run websites using their servers.

java mysql linux hosting

Some web hosts give you a choice of packages using the Linux plarform. Experts believe Linux to be the most reliable hosting operating system currently available. When you put the technology of Java and the software of MySQL with the advanced hosting platform of Linux, your talking about the best web hosting option, period. Whether the plan is to build a website or shop around for one, all your needs will be exceeded with a java mysql linux hosting platform.

Check out our Java MySql Linux hosting plans running on either a Private Tomcat hosting server or Shared Tomcat hosting server.