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Unlimited Java Hosting – The Best Tomcat Java JSP Web Hosting Service

April 14 2013 0

unlimited java hosting

Although there are a range of hosting options and technologies available, the fact is that Java remains the choice of professionals for building beefy websites. Java is robust, secure and immensely fast.

Smaller users have traditionally felt a little left of all this though. Java hosting is expensive, and that’s because of the simple fact that Java likes a lot of memory on the host server and chews through server bandwidth with a far greater hunger than PHP or Most providers will either charge a small fortune for unlimited Java hosting, or cap your bandwidth so you can’t really enjoy the power of this technology.

unlimited java hosting

DailyRazor doesn’t think that should be the case. You should be able to build the website you want, utilize the power of Java and do it all on a reasonable budget. Bandwidth caps? No way. Our unlimited java hosting packages means that you’ve got the resources you need, whatever you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the things our unlimited Java hosting packages offer. Apache Tomcat, the app server that turns your Java Servlet or Java Server Pages code into awesome web pages, is the key to a great hosting solution and the thing that determines how much you’re going to need in terms of hosting resources. We offer a shared Tomcat at $6.75 per month and private Tomcat for $9.99 per month. Need a bit more juice? Professionals might want to look at our Private JBoss on VPS service at a slightly higher price margin.

Once you’re set up, you’ll find an easy-to-use service with everything you need set up. Our team are Java experts with 12 years experience of Java hosting; we know the hassle it can be to get a Java server up and running, so we’ve done that for you. You get full support for the latest Java framework, including: Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF, JSP, MyFaces, Stripes, ICEFaces, LifeRay, JAX-WS, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, Google Web Toolkit, FreeMarker, StringTemplate, Axis, Velocity, and more.

And the limits? There are no limits. Unlimited disk space. Unlimited traffic. Unlimited sub-domains. A massive 50 SQL Server databases with remote access, as well as support for PHP. Unlimited Java hosting means that Java isn’t just for big companies. It’s for you. Click here to review our Java hosting plans on Private Tomcat app server.

Unlimited Java Hosting on Private Tomcat App Server w/ support for MySQL, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Primeface, Richfaces, MyFaces, and much more.