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JDZ4 DDoS Status Update

January 16 2014 0

Our entire network experienced an outage due to a massive Distributed Denial of Server (DDoS) attack at about 5:30pm ET on 01/11/2014. This particular incident was totally beyond us. It was a total network outage due to a highly coordinated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack via numerous NTP services worldwide (you can read more about this nature of attack @ As a result, our network provider’s network literally crashed.

The network was back online as of 11:00pm ET on 01/12/2014 after we were able to identify and quarantine the victim server being attacked (which was jdz4). Since then we’ve been working with the network provider on how to best restore the jdz4 server – however they had concerns bringing the server back online. So in order to get the server back online, today (01/16/2014) we set up a new environment at a totally different network with more capacity to withstand the attack and provide services to our customers.

All customers on jdz4 are currently being transition to the new network. Current transition progress status is at 40%, all customers whose username starts from ‘a’ letter to ‘h’ are have been transition to the new network successfully. So if your username starts with ‘a’ to ‘h’ and your site is still not working – please email us at so we can investigate why. For other customers not yet transitioned, please bear with us as we transition all accounts phase by phase.

Furthermore, for those customers not using and as your nameserver addresses, please change the A record of your domain to IP Address:

Please bear with us as we resolve this issue. We will provide update once all customer’s are back online.

Yours truly,

DailyRazor Support