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SQL Server Database Hosting – Reliable & Powerful available for cheap!

April 3 2013 0

sql server database hosting

If you’re working within the ASP .NET framework, chances are that your site uses some database functionality. Whether it’s the content of your CMS or a complex e-commerce database, you’re going to need a powerful and reliable database to meet your requirements.

The obvious choice for ASP.NET developers is Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server pre-dates the .NET framework and the two have evolved together over the past decade, giving a level of compatibility that’s pretty unbeatable.

Of course, you don’t have to use SQL Server with your aspnet sites. Other database formats are supported by most sql server database hosting providers, including MySQL which is great news if you’re looking to port over a site that was originally developed in PHP.

But whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding on your existing work, it’s worth considering whether Microsoft SQL Server can work for you. The main advantages are its scalability and security. Microsoft have been working with professional developers for over 20 years to make this a robust database solution that is suitability for the biggest and most complex of projects.

sql server database hosting

No matter how high your volumes of traffic, SQL Server will be able to handle the load. Security vulnerabilities are a risk for every db system, with new exploits found every day. Not only is SQL Server built from the ground up to protect data, but Microsoft dedicates huge resources to keeping their flagship database product 100% secure. Of all db systems on the market, none are maintained and supported as well as SQL Server.

If you’re an advanced SQL developer who will be administering your databases directly, then SQL Server has a host of features that change your life. Triggers, stored procedures, user defined functions, FULL JOIN, and full transaction support; these are essential tools for achieving optimal database performance while making your job a whole lot easier. There is a reason that SQL Server is the choice of so many serious developers. It’s fast, secure and professional.

DailyRazor offers high-speed and reliable Microsoft SQL Server database hosting on all of our ASP.NET Hosting plans, with the 2008 and 2005 versions available (2012 version coming soon). For maximum compatibility we also offer MySQL support as well as Microsoft’s more basic database application engine, MS Access. But we think you’ll agree that DailyRazor’s SQL Server database hosting gives your website a huge edge over the competition.

So give it a try today. All our .NET Web Hosting plans supporting MS SQL Server is backed by a 30 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

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