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ASPNET Hosting – developing and running your business website on it!

December 13 2012 0

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It’s very common for developers to select ASP.NET as the programming platform for their web site and/or web application. This is as a result of the ease of use and shorter learning curve when developing on the .NET Framework in addition to extensive community support amount ASP.NET developer and unparalleled attention from Microsoft the owners of the technology.

It’s one thing to develop your website or web application on .NET, the next challenge is finding a reliable and professional aspnet hosting for it. In as much as there are numerous .net hosting options out there, it’s imperative to work and host your project with an experienced hosting provider who thoroughly understands the technology.

aspnet hosting

When searching for aspnet hosting for your ASP.NET projects, it’s important that you bear in mind the various type of hosting options available to you, namely:

  • Shared ASP.NET Hosting
  • VPS ASP.NET Hosting (on Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting

With the “Shared” aspnet hosting option, you’re basically sharing the web server software and hardware along with other users. Shared hosting is usually the cheapest option and is recommended if you’re web site is not mission critical. On the other hand, when you go for a Virtual Private Server (a.k.a VPS) you’re given a virtual instance on the server hardware solely dedicated to you. On this virtual instance, you can install your own web server software (i.e. IIS) and any version of your choosing, your own database software, control panels, etc. The main advantage of the VPS is that it gives you better performance and reliability unlike the shared instance where you’re sharing resources with everyone else. However, given that it’s a virtual instance, there are other virtual instances on the same physical machine running as VPS’es for other customers. Finally, is the dedicated server option – with this option you’re basically getting your own physical machine. It’s more reliable than the VPS and Shared options but surely more expensive 🙂

So in all, everything boils to your goals and objectives for your websites and above all your financial budget. If you’re developing a mission critical web site to run on aspnet hosting and high availability and uptime are critical to success, then you definitely should go for a dedicated hosting environment. It’s going to way you about 10 to 15 times more than a VPS environment but you get reliability, performance and security. If however, high availability and uptime is not critical to success for you then you may want to consider a Shared environment or the VPS alternative.

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