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Super Fast Plesk Classic ASP Hosting

April 7 2013 0

plesk classic asp hosting

If you’re moving from a standard cPanel based hosting solution, then you will need to prepare yourself for the interface you get with Plesk classic asp hosting. It will blow your mind.

When you first log in to Plesk, you are greeted with a system status screen that gives you an uncluttered overview of exactly how your site is performing. You’ve also got access to all of Plesk’s features right there on the home screen, including access to the One-Click installer for a multitude of applications.

plesk classic asp hosting

Plesk plays friendly with all of the solutions we have to offer, including the most modern versions of all supported software as well as providing plesk classic asp hosting for things like Classic ASP 3.0. Why would you need this? Well, you might be porting across an existing site, or perhaps you’re a developer who is not quite ready to move on to the next version.

Either way, Plesk provides a stunning infrastructure that delivers power and usability. From here you can easily:

  • One-click install for applications, frameworks and skins
  • Create, edit and delete databases across our supported DB packages including MS SQL Server and MySQL
  • Manage Plesk sessions, which is essential for multi-user accounts
  • Administer domains and associated instances for those domains, such as IIS
  • Virtualization support for technologies such as Parallels Server Bare Metal, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Easy switching to Plesk classic mode, allowing you to use older versions of ASP . net, IIS and MS SQL Server

Working through Plesk is going to make your life so much easier. Like our hosting offering, our Plesk classic asp hosting solution was designed to deliver the cost benefits of remote hosting combined with the power of working locally. With a UI that’s loosely based on Windows XP, you’ll find yourself instantly at home with Plesk. Sign up for one of our Windows Hosting packages, starting at just $3.50 per month, and experience it for yourself.