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Professional Private JVM Hosting by the Best Java JVM Hosting Provider

June 3 2013 0


There are basically two type of Java JVM Hosting – you’ve got the Private JVM Hosting and Shared JVM Hosting options. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the Private JVM hosting aspects and it’s benefits for designing and deploying highly stable and scalable Java web applications.

Private JVM hosting offers numerous advantages and benefits as compared to Shared JVM hosting among which are:


  • Private JVM hosting provides your Java web application with much more stability. This is due to the fact in Private JVM hosting you’re allocated a dedicated Java Virtual Memory (JVM) that is not being shared with any other person and/or application on the server hardware. As such your application is stable since no other person is requesting Tomcat restart except you and most importantly security is much more improved.
  • Given that Private JVM hosting gives you a dedicated pool of JVM Heap size, your account is best suited to host more complete Java frameworks such as Hibernate, Struts, LifeRay, Spring MVC, etc. And it allows you to add/remove JVM Heap size on demand thus enabling you scale and downgrade when needed.
  • Private JVM hosting gives you the power to have total control of your Tomcat application server. You can access Tomcat Admin to configure your database, JNDI resources as well as Tomcat Manager to deploy WAR files. Also, you can start/stop Tomcat as you see fit online or via SSH.
  • You do have access to the server.xml file which is a very important file for the configuration of your application context. As such you can configure and host multiple domains supporting JSP/Servlet on your single Tomcat instance.
  • Our Private JVM hosting package support custom Tomcat versions as well as custom JDK versions. So if you want Tomcat 6 along with JDK 1.7 version – this is possible on all Private JVM hosting plans. If you want Tomcat 7 with JDK 1.5 – this is possible too. However you want it – it can be done on any of our Private JVM hosting plans.
  • All Private JVM hosting support the use of Apache Tomcat Native and as well as MySQL triggers

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