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Benefits of hosting accounts with Softaculous

March 1 2013 0


Softaculous is an auto-installation software which allows installation of a variety of web applications such as blogs, forums, ecommerce shopping carts, photo galleries, and much more. It was established in 2009 and it has become popular in the web hosting community due to the numerous advantages it offers the user. It is the field leader in one-click installation programs and it boasts a global user base of millions. So what are the main benefits of having hosting accounts with Softaculous?

Not only is hosting accounts with Softaculous easy, but it provides a variety of scripts to suit each individual user giving them the best choice when it comes to their website. Its convenience stems beyond being able to use the inbuilt user-friendly interface, and it can linked with a variety of control panels including cPanel, InterWorx and H-Sphere. The only thing required for this to integrate successful is a server and the control panel of your choice.

The great thing about Softaculous is that it offers unlimited site-hosting at an affordable price. It is ideal for multiple hosting and it will not break the bank. Customers will also benefit from a 24/7 customer support as well as a free content delivery network which is inclusive of the price. Hosting accounts with Softaculous make it remarkably easy to install a large variety of scripts with a solitary click of your mouse.

Softaculous sets itself ahead of its competitors by the number of scripts that it offers its customers. It is comparatively user friendly unlike many of the other Softwares in the market. It also offers a handy overwriting option which can be used on existing files and users can import their scripts which have been manually installed.

There are a whole plethora of reasons why Softaculous ranks higher than its competitors. It is easy to use, simple, but perhaps most importantly it does the job it is designed for quickly and efficiently. For information, you can look on the Softaculous website and choose the package that best suits your own needs. It is of no surprise that many more people are choosing to have their hosting accounts with Softaculous.

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