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Tomcat Hosting Providers – Java| Struts | Hibernate | Spring and more

April 27 2013 0

tomcat hosting providers

You’ve probably heard the term “Tomcat” – what is Tomcat? You can be rest assured that within the realm of Java web application development and deployment – it has nothing to do with fighter jets (as in the case of the F-16 Tomcat fighter jet) lol. That being said, Tomcat (A.K.A Apache Tomcat or Jakarta Tomcat) is an app server technology platform that was developed within the Jakarta project under the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Several other technology platforms were developed under the said foundation such as Ant, Maven, Struts, Velocity, Struts, etc. Tomcat stands out in that it implements the Java Servlet and Java Server Pages specifications and provides a medium for web developers around the world to host and make available their Servlet and JSP applications on the global Internet.

However, there are very few Tomcat hosting providers when compared to other frameworks such as Linux Apache MySQL PHP (L.A.M.P) stack. This is in part due to the fact Tomcat is a high level application server and not for the less technically inclined. is among the very few list of expert Tomcat hosting providers out there that fully understands the intrigues of the platform and have been supporting and providing Java web hosting solutions on it for the past 12 years!

tomcat hosting providers

Our Tomcat hosting plans gives you complete control and full flexibility especially if you’re on a Private Tomcat hosting package which provides your very dedicated Java Virtual Memory (JVM) heap which isolates your Java web application from other users on the platform thus giving it better performance, security and reliability. That being said, it also empowers you with the ability to Start/Stop your dedicated Tomcat App Server any time of your choosing within the headache of opening support tickets. Plus you can rejoice and be glad knowing that you have access to your own Tomcat Manager which allows you to manage all aspects of your Java application including the easily deployment of .WAR and .JAR files!

Furthermore, inline with’s core mission of empowering Java developers world wide to develop and deploy Java web applications on the global Internet affordably, you’re also provided with a Shared Tomcat server which is a little bit more restrictive than its Private Tomcat counterpart. But we’ve observed that some developers need a playing ground to get things started on budget without sacrificing features and our Shared Tomcat plans start at just $6.96/month with a Shared JVM Heap of 196Mb!

So what are you waiting for? When considering reliable Tomcat hosting providers – look no further. is the best in the industry and equipped to support your Java web application needs. Be it Struts, Hibernate, Spring, LifeRay, Cocoon, you name – we host it! Try us today – our hosting plans are backed with a 30 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose BUT all to gain!

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