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Tomcat MySQL Hosting – Expert Java/JSP/Servlet Web Hosting Server

April 16 2013 0

tomcat mysql hosting

Although there are some great Tomcat MySQL hosting packages out there the Internet, there’s still sometimes a little bit of confusion and nervousness about mixing the two. Doesn’t MySQL only work with Apache?

That’s a common misconception amongst newcomers to Tomcat MySQL hosting. Actually, Tomcat plays nicely with any database system, as it uses the JDBC – Java Database Connectivity – framework to abstract the database connection, which means that your Java code can interact easily with any database, including MySQL. Your code will make calls to the JDBC API rather than interacting directly with the underlying database, so the two can be configured independently.

JDBC itself is known to suffer from some performance issues in server environments with a high load, which might especially be a problem for you if you’re on a shared server. There is a solution for this available for this – the Database Connection Pool, or DBCP. DBCP handles requests for database connections by pooling them in a queue, monitoring available db connections and matching the requests to the available resources.

tomcat mysql hosting

Tomcat actually allows itself to be defined as a resource for the Java Naming and Directory Interface API and then uses the JNDI to manage resource allocation. In other words, Tomcat will do most of the hard work for you in ensuring that you’ve got a fast and reliable connection to your MySQL database. It requires a little configuration to get this running, but most one-click install packages will create the MySQL database and configure your connection. If not, it’s usually just a few extra steps in your process to add the correct values to your application’s context.xml file.

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