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Tomcat Web Server hosting for Java Servlet & JSP Applications

June 5 2013 0

Tomcat web server is the best open source Java container that developed and is supported by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It’s a powerful Servlet and JSP container that supports the official Servlet/JSP implementation. If you’re a Java web developer building applications on Servlet/JSP specifications – you definitely need a Tomcat web server hosting solution.

Programming on the Java platform allows you to use several Java frameworks – all which can be hosted on a Tomcat web server. Among the numerous Java frameworks out there in the marketplace include but not limited to Java Server Faces (JSF) Struts, Hibernate, Spring MVC, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, Myfaces, ICEfaces, LifeRay, Stripes, Apache Wicket and much more. You can deploy Java web applications built on any of these aforementioned frameworks on any of our Java hosting plans which runs on our Tomcat web server infrastructure.


In addition to the various Java frameworks, our Tomcat hosting platform support the latest version of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. So once we set up your Tomcat web server, you’re will be to use any database of choice as you see. Most Java hosting providers offering Tomcat web server don’t offer such flexibility especially with Microsoft SQL Server. Another awesome news is that you can remotely administer these databases using any database management software of your choice (e.g. SQL Studio for MS SQL Server). We also offer web based database management control (PhpMyAdmin for MySQL database, PhpPgAdmin for PostgreSQL and SQL server web admin).


Our Tomcat web server allows you to either get a private Tomcat web server or shared Tomcat web server. If you have a little budget – we highly recommend the private Tomcat option since it give you your very own dedicated Tomcat web server instance whereas the shared Tomcat means you’re sharing the Tomcat web server with other customers on that shared Tomcat. Private Tomcat also gives you private Java Virtual Memory (JVM) which improves your applications performance and reliability, ability to restart Tomcat without opening a support ticket plus you get access to Tomcat Manager for WAR files deployment.

Jump to our Java web hosting page to purchase any of our Tomcat web server hosting plans. All plans comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to loose.

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