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TomEE Hosting on Java Cloud for Apache TomEE Application Server

Apache TomEE Hosting Application Server

TomEE hosting is now available on our Java Cloud Hosting Platform! Over the past several months, we’ve worked tirelessly to ready the TomEE hosting service through a series of planning, re-planning, staging, re-staging, configurations, re-configurations, testings, re-testings, etc. and finally glad to make our new TomEE hosting service available on our Java Cloud Hosting platform to meet increasing demands.

For those of you that aren’t fully aware, Apache TomEE Application Server (which is pronounced “Tommy”) is an all-Apache Java Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile certified application server stack which does an awesome job at ensuring a fully operational Java Enterprise Edition 6 web profile stack.

Life before TomEE was a bit though. Java web developers using Tomcat application server and needing Java enterprise components had to literally build their own custom enterprise stack by starting out with the basic Tomcat install and then adding and configuring the enterprise components needed on top of Tomcat sever. TomEE Application Server eliminates this stress. With our new TomEE hosting service, Java developers can now get their hands on reliable certified application server stack that provides much needed enterprise components.

Need TomEE hosting? Sign up today for as little as $6.00/month – visit https://www.dailyrazor.com/java-cloud-hosting-service/

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