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MySQL Rename Table – How To Rename Table In MySQL

There comes a time in the life of any database administrator or developer when he or she will need to rename a MySQL table.

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Every database management system provides some functions to assist in the access and manipulation of the data it stores, and the MySQL database is

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If you work with MySQL then you’re probably familiar with the can’t connect to local mysql server through socket error message. And you’ll see

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Let’s take a quick look at MariaDB vs MySQL – their similarities and differences. MySQL is a very popular open source relational database management

PostgreSQL vs MySQL Comparison – Performance, Syntax, Security, etc.

PostgreSQL and MySQL are two popular open source database management systems (DBMS) available to application developers around the world. But there’s often an on

How to do MySQL “show users” – learn to retrieve/display the list of users in a MySQL database

When managing a MySQL database, you will often come across the need to view the list of MySQL user accounts in the database. The