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December 31 1969 – All You Need To Know About 12/31/1969 In 30 Secs.

Have you ever experienced the date on your digital device suddenly change to December 31 1969? On the other hand, if you’re a developer

How to Copy, Move, and Delete Files in Linux – The Ultimate Guide

When working with Linux there will come a time when you will encounter the need to move, copy or delete files and/or directories. These

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel starting @ $1.95/month

Looking for an economy Linux Hosting with cPanel from a reliable web hosting provider? How does $37.38 flat fee for 1 full year sound?

Debian vs Ubuntu Linux Distros – What’s Your Flavor?

Debian vs Ubuntu are both great flavors of the Linux operating system. They were both designed and targeted at the normal computer user. Thus,

Best Linux Distro for Developers, Beginners, Gaming, Laptops, etc. in 2018

What is the best Linux distro? This is a common question among Linux enthusiasts as well as beginners alike. In the first place, in

How to Create htaccess File

How to Create htaccess File Before learning how to create htaccess file, let’s first of all define it. What is .htaccess? In simple term,