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Get Affordable Website Hosting for less than 12 cents per day

April 29 2013 0

affordable website hosting

Looking for and affordable website hosting service? This can be a daunting task with the thousands of web hosting offers available on the Internet. Whereas there are many good website hosting service providers out there, it’s still worth the effort to make sure that your business or personal website, blog, etc is housed and hosted by a provider who provides you with flexible but yet affordable website hosting server infrastructure options, rapid support team that is knowledgeable and available 24/7/365, 99.9 up-time service-level assurance, support for multiple website development technologies and support for multitude of open source applications freely available on the Internet.

When it comes to flexible hosting server options, it’s not just a question of getting affordable website hosting service. Most of the service providers out there lock you into a Linux hosting environment which limits you. What of if you need to run an application developed on ASP.NET? What of if you need to deploy an open source software which relies on Microsoft SQL Server database? If such situation arises, you’ll come to the realization that the said hosting provider is not up to par given the fact that they only offer a Linux server infrastructure. So it’s best to ensure that the web hosting provider you’ve choose supports both Linux and Windows server platforms. Our website hosting plans does in fact provide you with this flexibility! It’s all about having choices – make sure you do have it!

affordable website hosting

Once your website is deployed on your affordable website hosting provider’s web server and everything is looking good – that’s great! But as you may know, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise whereby you need the technical know-how and assistance of the said web host. First of all, are they available 24/7/365 – even on Christmas day? If they are, awesome! Secondly, do they possess the technical knowledge to assist and resolve your issue? They should! They must! So make sure that the web hosting provider you’ve chosen is versed in different web development technologies out there – be it PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Perl, CGI, etc as well as popular application platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, Kentico, etc. They should! They must!

It’s worth mentioning that you must be given some level of up-time guarantee. In the web hosting space especially with shared hosting environment, web servers do go down sometime due to various reasons. To name a few: schedule and unscheduled server maintenance, denial of service attack (DDoS), resource abuse by another account on the shared server, etc. All these not withstanding, the affordable website hosting provider should provide at least 99.9% up-time guarantee where they assure you that in a given month, you can expect a 99.9% up-time for your website or blog and in the event they don’t meet this benchmark, they reimburse a % of your hosting fee for that month. They should! They must!

Lastly, as mentioned above – it’s very important for the web host to support multiple web development technologies both on Linux and Windows server infrastructures. This gives you options and freedom to unleash the full potential of the Internet. Most of all, the world wide web is about code re-use and not re-inventing the wheel. There are so many seasoned developers out there around the world developing proven applications and distributing it for free. You should be able to tap into this resource pool and better enhance our online potential and prospects. So therefore, regardless of these world-class developers chosen development technology, your affordable website hosting provider should and must support it. Here at, we’ve provided you with a 1-Click Application Install software that empowers you to quickly and easily install these freely available software programs and that’s the advantage!

So what’s next? Review our affordable website hosting packages and see the various options we empower you with. You’ve got Linux server platform as well as Windows server platform – which ever suits your needs, we’re up to the task! And by the way, you have a full 30 days money back guarantee!

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