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The Best Windows Hosting ASP.NET 4.5 for less than $0.13 per day

April 7 2013 0

windows hosting 4.5

DailyRazor offer the best Windows hosting 4.5 in town. We understand your needs as a developer and we’ve built a package that will support you at a low price, no matter what your requirements. Our ASP.NET team are experts in providing what you need from Windows-based hosts, and we think that if you take a look at what we offer, you’ll be impressed.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2005

    Windows Server is still the most trusted OS for most IT infrastructures. It offers power, speed, security and the biggest support team in the world working 24/7 to improve their product. With the 2012 version coming online very soon, our Windows hosting 4.5 means you can have the very best underlying system supporting your website.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7/6

    Complimenting Windows Server, the IIS Windows web server software offers better interaction with its host OS than Apache, as well as an improved Independent Request Handler. We currently support versions 7 and 6 with version 8 coming online Summer 2012.

  • Remote Delegation/Web Deploy Supported

    Web Deploy is an excellent tool for site migration, allowing you to port your existing site over to our Windows hosting 4.5 servers with a minimal effort.

  • Full Trust and Medium Trust Supported

    Medium Trust is offered by the majority of web hosts, but we trust you so we offer Full Trust as well, allowing you enormous access to the registry and file structure of your hosting server.

  • windows hosting 4.5

  • Integrated and classic Mode Supported

    This compliments our multiple offerings of IIS. You can use Classic Mode for IIS 6 or, if you’re using IIS 7 and you want to handle all of your requests via a unified pipeline, you can use Integrated Mode. Our Windows hosting 4.5 solution has you covered either way.

  • URL Rewrite Module 2 Supported

    This is the most powerful way to manage access to your content, allowing you to manage URLs and pass arguments to your various pages.

  • Site Memory Allocation

    Our generous server allowances mean that you’ll have the memory available to support complex queries, heavy traffic and anything else you need to build your site into a success.

  • Dedicated/Isolated Application Pool

    Although it’s shared server space, your application pool will be dedicated just to you, ensuring your security and performance of your Windows hosting 4.5 at all times.

Those are some of the specific benefits of our Windows hosting for 4.5. There are so many others, and with packages starting from $3.95 a month, it’s worth seeing what else we have to offer.