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Expert Windows Web Hosting with SQL Server | ASP.NET | IIS | MVC | PHP

April 9 2013 0

 web hosting with sql server

There are some common misconceptions about Windows hosting especially Windows web hosting with SQL Server. It’s more expensive. It’s only for big companies. SQL Server is much more difficult to use than MySQL. And maybe the most common misconception: I’ll need to switch to ASP.NET and lose access to the huge community of PHP developers out there.

If you believe any of those things, you’re wrong. The thing about Windows hosting is that it’s flexible, adaptable and scalable for everyone’s requirements, not to mention budgets. Here at DailyRazor, we can offer you a package that starts at just $3.50 per month. You don’t need to be as wealthy as Bill Gates to get the power of Windows web hosting with SQL Server. Nor do you need to be running a company as big as Microsoft. If all you want is a simple, slick site that’s always up and loads fast, then a Windows web hosting package could be exactly what you’re looking for.

 web hosting with sql server

SQL Server is nothing to be scared of either. Yes, it’s the most advanced database package in the world and, yes, it offers you performance you can’t imagine, but it’s got a straightforward front-end and most of our one-click installers will do your DBA work for you. If you really can’t bear the thought of moving away from MySQL, then don’t worry. That’s supported on our Windows Web Hosting too.

That’s the beauty of Windows web hosting with SQL Server. You’ll get access to the cutting edge Microsoft web technologies such as SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS and Silverlight. But you also have full access to open source technologies like MySQL and, yes, PHP5. Packages such as Drupal and WordPress work just fine on a Windows web hosting package; but now you’ve also got the choice of switching to DotNetNuke or Umbraco.

So, for roughly the same price as a LAMP hosting package, you can keep all of the benefits and get access to all of Microsoft’s web hosting technologies? That sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and it’s available from DailyRazor right now.