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Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel starting @ $1.95/month

Looking for an economy Linux Hosting with cPanel from a reliable web hosting provider? How does $37.38 flat fee for 1 full year sound? Will $59.25 flat fee for 2 years suffice? Or better yet,
April 6 2018 0

Debian vs Ubuntu Linux Distros – What’s Your Flavor?

Debian vs Ubuntu are both great flavors of the Linux operating system. They were both designed and targeted at the normal computer user. Thus, they are competitive alternatives to the Windows and OS X monopolies.
March 12 2018 0

MariaDB vs MySQL – Comparison, Features, Differences and Similarities

Let’s take a quick look at MariaDB vs MySQL – their similarities and differences. MySQL is a very popular open source relational database management system founded in the early nineties. On the other hand, MariaDB
March 6 2018 0

Best Linux Distro for Developers, Beginners, Gaming, Laptops, etc. in 2018

What is the best Linux distro? This is a common question among Linux enthusiasts as well as beginners alike. In the first place, in order to say a particular Linux flavor is the best Linux
March 4 2018 0

Best PHP Frameworks for Expert PHP Web Developers in 2018

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular web development and server-side scripting language in the word and has held this position for over a decade. As such, there are many PHP frameworks out
January 2 2018 0

Cheap Linux Server Host – cPanel Linux Hosting w/ MySQL PHP Support

Linux server host is the preferred platform for many web developers around the world. Especially those building their web apps on the Linux Apache MySQL PHP (L.A.M.P) stack. There are a lot of cheap Linux
May 29 2013 0

Linux Server Hosting Blogs Try the best Blog Hosting @ Cheapest Price

It is with no doubt that Linux is the most popular server platform on which deploy linux server hosting blogs. There are several reasons for this among which are the open source portability of the
May 2 2013 0