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JDZ3 Server Hardware Problem

August 30 2012 0

On August 28 we noticed that our JDZ3 Server’s RAID array became degraded but returned to “optimal” after rescan.
The same day, the server started throwing file system errors and crashed. We’ve managed to boot it after file system check and restored broken files from backups. Restore was finished on Aug 29.

On Aug 29 RAID degraded once again and we noticed errors on a drive in the RAID array. We scheduled for a drive swap and file system check. However, the Server crashed before maintenance was to begin and this time it was not possible to boot it due to major hardware issues.

We’re currently waiting for necessary hardware replacement for the Server manufacturer.

In the meantime, we’ve attached server’s backup drive to another server and have begun the restoration process there. Although we’re trying to run restore operations as fast as we can exact ETA is still not known.

Customer backups are intact so most of data (excluding last ~2 days) should be restored.

Please bear with us as we work to restore service. If you have any questions – please contact us at 24/7.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.