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Our mission is to provide you with a professional custom website design service that is unique, creative and impressive.

Our designs are customized to project your business image – as such we do provide the standard cookie-cutter and template based “Do It Yourself” web design service like other companies do.


Our Web Design Lifecycle (WDLC)’s methodology is as follows:

  • 1. Provide us with the basic information about your business and the type of image you want to project via our WDLCS questionnaire (which will be sent to you after you place an order)
  • 2. Provide us with your the content for each of your web pages (If you don’t have content, we can write them for you – click here for our content writing services)
  • 3. Provide us with your logo (If you don’t have one, we can design one for you. Click here for our logo design services)
  • 4. If you have any stock photos you want to use, provide them to us. If you don’t, we can use appropriate stock photos from stock photo repository containing thousands of stock photos.

We go to work:

  • 1. Once the WDLC questionnaire is received along with necessary content and images (if provided), our expert designer goes to work to create the first draft of your custom designed website based on your specifications.
  • 2. The first draft is sent back to you for your review and feedback.
  • 3. Necessary design adjustments are made according to your feedback. Depending on the subscription plan you’re on, more revision are made as requested. For example, if you’re on the SOHO plan, you’re allowed up to 2 revisions. As such, after the first design, you sent us your revisions (if needed). And our designer will make necessary adjustments and send the design back to you for your last revision request. Once the last revision request is made, our design will do the final revisions.
  • 4. Once the revisions are done, we then proceed to the on-page search engine optimization process to ensure that your website is properly indexed and catalog by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • 5. We then register your FREE domain name (if you don’t have one), set up your FREE hosting account and upload the website.
  • 6. If you need email addresses set up for you and your staff – you simply let us know and we’ll set them up and provide the login information and how to access your emails.
  • 7. That’s it! Going forward, whenever you need content updates to your website, you let us know and provide the content and we’ll do the updates for you.